Madness Essay Research Paper Though This Be

Madness Essay, Research Paper

Though This Be Madness,

It Has the Oddest Frame of Sense

(The Advantages Of Being Crazy)

Most people say being crazy will lead nowhere. They claim that it is the worst possible condition in which to spend one’s life, and if possible, it should be completely avoided. They would even suggest if the symptoms of madness are caught in the early stages it could easily be treated by a surgeon. The most effective method used to do this is the chainsaw technique. Yet, perhaps if people took a closer look at some of the advantages being off your rocker has to offer, they wouldn’t have such a negative attitude toward it. After reading this paper, one will understand the advantages of being crazy.

The first advantage is very easy to understand. Crazy or stupid people are unreliable and are therefore never asked to do a lot. Many have noticed that people tend to steer away from someone they feel may be nuts. This is for a very good reason. The craziness which they posses makes a name for them, a name which can be very difficult to shake. Possibly, it is a word which describes the mental abilities of the person, such as “crappy”. Yet, this creates a positive situation for the crazy person. They will have a lot of free time on their hands for more of life’s truly meaningful pleasures. Some of these activities are combing facial hair and counting the pixels on a Sony TV. Would they get fired from their job? No. For the very simple reason that no one would understand their work except for them. The job would have to be given back to the looney tune, perhaps with a higher salary, or someone would do it for them, leaving them with even more free time.

Free time is great for brainstorming (Admittedly this seems to be a bad choice of words!). Yet the ideas potty people create tend to be original. For example, when was the last time a fruitcake said something, and made one think about it? It seems that people are always talking about someone else s dumb idea. In fact, the next time someone wants an original idea for something, they should try talking to their local community fool. The reason for this is that while a lunatic thinks with his head, he does not do so in an organized manner. This is why they have so much creativity. By thinking in this fashion, their ideas have a natural tendency to flow more easily, without the interruptions which occur from the editing of thoughts that logical people would have normally. Thus if someone else should say to one, “That was a foolish idea!” one should merely look that person straight in the eye, and say, “Thank you!”

One of the final advantages of craziness is that eccentric people are always remembered, even after graduation day. It has been noticed how a quiet person is always hard to detect, and often remains anonymous. There is a very good reason for this. The mind has a hard time keeping common people in its memory track. But it is much easier and pleasing for the mind to remember someone really round the bend. Anyway, when was the last time one laughed at the little kid at the back of the room? The evidence here proves how nutcases last longer in one s thoughts. The largest advantage which arises from derangement is that it takes up two thirds of DNA storage space, which is excellent for keeping lunacy in the family.

Thus, madness clearly has many advantages, as long as someone is sane enough to use them. It is important to understand that crazy people are like all other humans physically. Yet, because of the difference between sensible and silly people, common-sensed human beings should give them some breathing space. The society could learn that someone graced with foolishness deserves more respect. After all, they are special


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