Blue Jays Essay Research Paper In the

Blue Jays Essay, Research Paper

In the business market there is competition between companies. The company that cannot survive competition dies while the other raises up in the economy. From my expectation, one of the companies that is rising in the markets is the Toronto Blue Jays. Before creating your own company you have to analyze the location? Why that location? What name to give it? And what to do to attract people? First I will give an introduction to the place marketing an important view in business so people can have an easy access to get there.

Blue Jays is an old name from folklore and legends meaning ?Naked Jaybird?- a newly hatched Jay which has not even a ?wisp of down.? The name is old and familiar to Canadian people.

To get started, Blue Jays will play at the Sky Dome because this place is located at the center of the entertainment and there is a lot of access. The business manager analyzes all causes of marketing events, and the most important of all, marketing mix.

Marketing mix is the blending of the four strategies, pricing distribution and promotion strategy to fit the needs and preferences of a specific target market. The product strategy involves more than just deciding what goods or services, packages design, brand names, trademarks, warranties product lifecycle positioning and new product developments. Distribution strategy analyzes the place of the product, where the customers receive the product service. The place of delivery, including all of its resources is part of what the consumer buys. A place that meets his or here needs better may be worth more. The place might be a park, a visit center in the park, or an interpretative exhibit along trait. In setting its strategy, the organization must determined how much the target is willing to pay for atmosphere and physical sources of place. Promotional strategy is the ling between sellers and buyers. Organizations use many different ways of sending messages about their goods to customers. Promotion includes all forms of communication. The object is to persuade the customer in such a way that he or she recognizes that your offerings uniquely qualified to meet his or her needs. The term promotion is commonly used to refer to the types of communication that are available such as advertising public relation, personal selling, publicity and sales promotion. Another powerful promotion is direct marketing, which is considered to be word of mouth. The beneficiary?s strategy includes promoting positive images or special attraction such as the Sky Dome, which is located on the heart of the entertainment district of downtown Toronto. Sky Dome is just a short walk from Union Station (train station); it is also accessible from Lakeshore Boulevard. Sky Dome is known for other entertainment, which will be a promotional strategy for the Blue Jays promoting their name also. There are 17,500 parking spaces available underground around the area of the Sky Dome. The Sky Dome is also the most accessible facility for guests with disabilities. All washrooms, seating levels, the restaurant and the Sky Dome hotel are fully accessible. It has eight elevators equipped with audio signals raised control panels and digital floor indicator. (Video Case Study)

Making all facilities available, having a good entertainment and putting on old familiar name, and price giveaways name might attract Canadian people. Sky Dome will not only attract Canadians but also people from the United States. The airport is 10 minutes away from Sky Dome. People from America would like to attend the game, just because of the better offers given, or because they had a chance to win the ?price giveaways.? American fans attending of Blue Jays game, Sky Dome entertainment and all accessible facilities will get public awareness. Public awareness is important bolstering the image, and making charitable and cultural activities. It also includes that by linking themselves (marketers) and their products to the sponsorships of such events. The Toronto Blue Jays have linked themselves with Sky Dome the center of entertainment district so their image is easier to become well known. As well the Toronto Blue Jays carry on their tradition by visiting many different areas during baseball?s two weeks tour, of southern Ontario. They play 81 times during the regular season to visit teams form Boston, Texas, Seattle and 20 other locations. ? (Video Case study). Toronto Blue Jays are trying to boost their image not only in Canada but also in America. Americans attending Blue Jays game might persuade Canadians that baseball is as much fun as hockey by being enthusiastic about baseball.

To satisfy the fans marketers conduct surveys to provide feedback regarding specific promotion and other aspects of the teams. Fans and marketers interact with one another. They ask fans about environment, and pricing product marketing. As a result, marketers can know what people like. ? It is the consumer who sets the rules and the marketer who respond,? said Robert Wientzen, CEO, and Direct Marketing Association. Marketers have to create a brand name which people would be satisfied with a tool for marketing that analyzes the trademarks. The red and blue in the Blue Jays sign signify the quality and the brand for which the company is known. The Blue Jay?s product is built around an established brand name with a well know logo. This will boost Blue Jay?s image. It will also demonstrate the qualities of the place the ability to make it attractive place, and affordable to every body, from children to seniors. Pricing strategy deals with the methods of setting a profitable and justifiable price. Price is what customers pay. It includes direct and indirect cost as well as opportunity cost. The pricing strategy is important to keep the price of tickets reasonable and affordable to keep the people going to that baseball game especially, Blue Jays who are just starting to spread their fame. The ticket price for the Blue Jays varies from $35 for field level bases to $7 Sky deck bases. The rich person gets to have the best place but there is still a chance to see baseball for someone who does not have the money. If there were higher prices then people would just go to another competitor or whoever gets to convince them. The threats of baseball is not only another baseball team but also other types of games.

One of the many factors that influence a baseball as a competitor is basketball. A survey made in America showed that 18 percent of Americans currently rank baseball as their favorite sport. To play basketball you just need a ball and hoop, while baseball needs more than one person to play. This is one thing that the company has to work out and find a way to show that, having more than one person to play would be more fun than just shooting the ball through the basket. My advertisement would be ?Baseball brings us together.? Getting all the family involved playing baseball would make it fun. Blue Jays often have discounts for youths and seniors so that it would not be an obstacle for the family or friends to be together attending the game. Marketers also offer a family pack, where you can buy a ticket for any home game. In this package you receive 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 drinks and a souvenir program. The mini pack offers to fans is the opportunity to choose the best available seats to the game they want to see. Every Friday night home game will provide for an action packed evening including prize giveaway and every Saturday home game will have a day full of activities. On Tuesday fans will have a chance to win great prices, in which they can win dream vacations or watch the game ?On- Deck.? a wood deck in Sky Dome completely with food and beverages services.

To make the place more likeable I would suggest that every half an hour one of the entertainers to walk around the stadium and ask question if they enjoy the game. I would also suggest spreading flyers around giving instructions on how baseball works. Since baseball is only a major game in the United States probably most of the immigrants from Europe who wants to attend Blue Jays do not understand it. Also Canada associates with England, so I think they do not have much knowledge about baseball either.

I come from Europe. Like most of the people in Europe I have no clue how baseball works. When I first went to a baseball game I was lost. I couldn?t follow the game. I could not tell who won and who lost the game. One person was a pitcher and the other was a catcher. In other words, one person just threw the ball and the other one caught it, and that made no sense to me. After a while I was getting bored then I start asking my friends how the game was played. He explained to me but still I was confused at the first time. After a while I went again to the baseball game. I was becoming a little more familiar this time. What made the game more interesting to me was that instead of being just one or two people, we were a big group of friends enjoying the game and having fun. Based on my experience, I would say that instead of just attracting only the males of the family give them more opportunities to bring the whole family at the game and they will enjoy it more.

To conclude, I would say that in business one has to analyze everything from marketing events, place marketing, marketing mix and product marketing because these things influence most of the business action.


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