Diary Of A Teen Essay Research Paper

Diary Of A Teen Essay, Research Paper

Dear Diary

He’s dead, how could he just leave me like this? He’s the only one I ever had and now I have nobody. He may have been drunk most of the time but at least he was there…now I am on a bus to the middle of nowhere…alone. All alone, that’s me, all alone…forever. They’re sending me off to some foster family, I can’t believe this is happening. I’m just you’re average 15 year old girl, things like this don’t happen to me they happen in the movies! I must be having a really really really bad nightmare.

Dear Diary

They’re trying so hard to make me feel welcome that its making me feel unwelcome! As if I’m some sort of hassle. I’m just being stupid I guess but I don’t belong in this happy little family environment. I guess the other kids here have been through the same kind of thing….i didn’t really hang around to find out. There’s a guy called Jacob who looks about my age, a girl a few years older I guess, a baby (im not sure if it’s a girl or a boy, and little Ruby who’s probably……5 or 6?) None of them look related. I should probably make an effort. Maybe I should look at this as an adventure. It could b kind of cool, I’ll have to make new friends at this new school I’m supposed to start at on Monday. Shit, what if they don’t like me? Jacob is kind of cute….

Dear Diary

I never got along with my dad very well. Okay under exaggeration of the year! We didn’t take any notice of each other, we just went our separate ways and that seemed to work okay. Ever since mum died when I was about 6 he just didn’t seem to care about anything, I guess his meaning for living had disappeared so it didn’t matter any more. So anyway its kind of weird having Glenda and Robert being so nice and caring, I’m used to being so independent.

Dear Diary

I did a runner, I just got scared I guess but I packed my bags and left, not knowing where I was going to go but I just had to. I was waiting at the train station with my stuff and Jacob comes running up to me asking what I’m doing. He tried to stop me from getting on the train when it came and I told him to get lost but then he just grabbed me and wouldn’t let me on. What is this? I’m a free person I can do what I like right? Apparently not!

Dear Diary

They’re all still really worried about me and convincing me to stay and everything…..I start school tomorrow, I hope its okay. Me and Jacob are becoming the best of friends, it seems like he really cares which is pretty special!!!


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