Understanding Writing Essay Research Paper If there

Understanding Writing Essay, Research Paper

If there is one thing life teaches us all everyday it is that learning never ceases. It matters not if the subject is a foreign language, understanding abortion laws, or writing about love. We learn whenever we participate in anything. Therefore it is worthy of understanding. We learn many ways, through many means. Some listen, some read, some ignore and other study till they cry, but the true learners learn through enjoyment and savor every moment of it. To understand writing we need to: A) know the history, B) understand learning, C) understand research, D) see how this all can be used. When researching life you need to know the experts, you need to be involved and you need to love living, or at least be good at writing like you do.

Now, writing. The strongest way to change the world is with a pen. But to use the pen you need a pen. Therefore you need a pen inventor, but first you need paper, and it’s inventor, as well as the inventors’ inventor. So we come to the beginning. According to Conceptual Physics the universe was formed in a nano-second after what has come to be known as the big bang. Then God set the world in motion and said, “Let there be light.”(Genesis 1) With that out of the way came man (Genesis 1:27), and farther down the line came cave drawing. Thus began mans quest to document the world, and parchments were discovered. In the 12th century ink was discovered by King Tut’s court and a more refined documenting was started. In 1563, Guttenberg invented the printing press in Germany. (Britannica G) Before this time writing, or books specifically were very expensive. Catholic monks translated all books before then. This shaped the world for the first part of its existence, but after the press the world was free to print basically whatever mankind could dream up.

The study of learning is a large part of the writing process and they go hand in hand at times. It is a respected fact that most people are primarily left, or primarily right brain thinkers. According to Allen Bragdon and David Gamon, Ph.D. the specific kinds of intelligence that contribute to professional and personal success exist in the left part of the brain. They say to help improve performance in real-world problem-solving situations a person can do mental-conditioning exercises to gradually build neuron-strength. Doing such exercises can help develop language, math, executive, planning and social skills just as physical exercises build muscle groups. Here’s a tip: “When you can’t think of a word, look right. Researchers observed that test-takers do better at verbal memory problems when gazing to the right, which stimulates the left hemisphere.” The right side of your brain specializes in recognizing shapes and visualizing them in space. Engineers, architects, carpenters and map-readers are strong in this skill. Someone skilled, or gifted, with the use of there right brain can remember detailed photographs and other physical facts. When the brain is used for writing it seems as if both sides can be very useful. For example the nature writer must visualize what they see and put it down on paper. The seeing aspect of that is mostly right brained. However ones language is processed through the left-brain, therefore both are of necessity.

Now that we know a little more of how we learn, as far as our brain is concerned, we must now tackle, what is important, and how we research it. What is research? How does one use it? What types are there? How do researchers work? Those questions will soon be answered.

According to World Book: “research is the systematic investigation of a particular subject…. research means the collection of preexisting information.” So when someone is researching very little thought is involved. All a research does, at lest non-scientific ones, is take what others have said and regurgitate it. It is probably the most mindless way to right. For example anyone could write a textbook with enough sources to copy out of, but very few can skillfully express there own ideas.

The scientific research is definitely the more interesting one, and the more active. There research aims at a better understanding by doing. Ever sense Galileo researches have been doing five basic steps that make research not only accurate, but also effective. The scientific theory includes, 1) defining a problem, 2) studying existing information, 3) forming a proposed explanation (hypothesis), 4) collecting evidence, and 5) drawing a conclusion. The use of these skills has virtually shaped our world and is the skeleton of every great invention, and part of our world.

Defining a problem could one such as, how do we write a good research paper. The process of writing must be understood so we are brought to the second step: Studying existing data. To do that we need to use the help of textbooks, and other authors that have dealt with our subject, as well as resources that can be gather through interviews, or life experiences. After all the information is gathered we must propose a way to put it all together in an applicable fashion. Then we need to put all our information together to make our evidence be connected. Finally we draw conclusions as to how this information gathering exercise as has bettered us as an individual and how we can now take on the world with gusto, and how waking up in the morning will be a little easier due to the privileged of restating someone else’s ideas. Research is a key to writing a paper, research and scientific theory, I truly learned a lot by studying that process.


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