Samuel Jackson Essay Research Paper William Samuel

Samuel Jackson Essay, Research Paper

William Samuel Johnson did indeed have significance in the American Revolution. Johnson was born in 1727, on October 7th, in Stratford, CT. He was a graduate from Yale University in 1744 and went on to receive a honorary masters from Harvard. Johnson embraced law and educated himself instead of seeking formal training. He soon became a wealthy, well-known lawyer, in which he established many business connections in New York City. He married Anne Beach and went on to have 5 daughters and 6 sons; sadly, many of them died at early ages. When the Revolution began Johnson was disturbed by the conflicting loyalties. He found it very difficult to choose sides. He became Connecticut s agent to Britain between the years 1767-1771. Johnson finally decided that he wanted to work for peace between Britain and the Colonies. He was elected to serve in the First Continental Congress, but refused; he was intent on making peace. In April of 1775, Johnson went to speak with General Thomas Gage so they could end the bloodshed. At that time the negotiations were not going right and he failed. As a result of this Johnson was put in jail on charges that he communicated with the enemy. He later cleared his name and was released.

Before Johnson resumed his political career for the 2nd time he waited out the hysteria of the war. From 1785 through 1787 Johnson joined the Continental Congress and quickly became one of the more influential and popular delegates. He played a major role during the constitutional convention, he never missed a session. He was the chairman of the Committee of Style, which shaped the constitution. Johnson didn t stop there. He also went on to take part in the new government. He was in the US Senate. In 1791 however he resigned so that he could devote more effort to being the President of Columbia University.Johnson died at the ripe old age of 92. An interesting fact is that no other signer of the Constitution out lived him.


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