Censorship Of Television Essay Research Paper On

Censorship Of Television Essay, Research Paper

On one hand parents argue that violence on television causes agression in their children, on the other hand, media figures, professionals, and figures of authority say that there is no proof that television influences children. There have been more than a thousand papers published on the effects of media on behavior. There have been studies in many countries of the world. Generally, the evidence converges to the conclusion that there is a consistent relationship between television violence viewing and subsequent aggressive behavior.

Children are more susceptible to the effects of their viewing than adults. Aggressive behavior is learned early on in life. This behavior usually caries on throughout life. Aggressive children prefer violent media, which feeds their aggression and provides them with a model of behavior. Television is a powerful teacher, and nobody is providing them with alternative ways of being.

The “V-Chip” is an integrated circuitry system which, when incorporated into a television set, receives and processes a data stream sent by a broadcaster or other program provider that contains program content advisory data. The chip is programmable by the viewer to sensor and block content that is vulgar or objectionable. The chip allows parents to feel secure in what their children are watching while they are away.

This data raises the question of should we censor television? I think that it would be well worth it, although it brings to surface first amendment rights. It is in the best interest of society and parents to censor violence and sex in the media. The V-chip is the best solution because it can be used individually in households and therefore doesn’t infringe on any first amendment rights. Many people argue that censoring television takes away the freedom that our founding fathers endowed us with. Personally I think that it is impossible for parents to censor what their children watch and the V-chip offers the best solution. Violence in the media has obvious effects on children, and has been proven to promote aggression, and effect communication, and inhibit ones ability to resolve conflicts peacefully.


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