– Battle Of The Imagination Essay, Research Paper

Narrative Essay about truth being nescessart in everyday life.

by Anthony Meszaros

Hail, travellers! Come to me, all who are weary and burdened and I will provide you with rest. Do you feel tired of all the lies and deception of the world? Do you despair at the lack of trust you perceive all about us? If so, relax yourselves my Wiseman, listen or sleep beneath the wool of the lamb, and ponder this tale of turmoil. I, my friends have been sent to this stable from within your minds, sent to clarify your lives, sent to reinstall your sanity. Listen, comrades and you shall be granted a new enlightenment. You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.

It all began many years ago, a time when truth and honour were virtues, and not a sign of weakness. Truth, among other qualities held in highest regard. Men who praised these qualities were respected and adored. This era of peace and happiness was destroyed when the destructive forces of Deception and Despair swept across the plains of our imagination. Once honest and true noblemen turned against their King, against their family, and against their religion. It didn’t take long before Truth and Honour were both struck down by the overwhelming powers of Deception and Despair. No longer was there love, joy, art or music. Life then, was changed forever. Life was like a curse, without Truth ruling over our judgment, Man had nothing to live for, and soon began dying out. Eventually, Truth and Honour began to regain their numbers, and prepared to strike back. Armed with inspiration and a need for happiness, Truth and Honour began winning back their land, creating a better life for the people and soon the internal environment returned to normal. These skirmishes, which are still being waged inside our subconscious, have since come to a stand still, no longer can either side of the opposition reap any gains from the onslaughts of these mixed emotions. Both ends feel the pain of suffering, the upset of defeat and the pride of victory. Everyday, and every decision is another dispute. The same battle, fought in the mind of a 12 year old who just broke a window; is fought in the mind of a 30 year old who has just broken the law. In either situation, the boy and the man ask themselves wether they should stay to accept their punishment, or run and hide from the consequences they will face. In today’s world the ladder of the two seems to be the unanimous response. My dearest Wiseman who have gathered to hear my voice, what I’m trying to portray is that Man thinks to little, and understand even less, of how fast a plate of Lies can be served upon the table. Many a Man, including myself have been overstuffed with the bread of Despair, and made drunk by the drink of Deception. The time is upon us to aid our imagination, to strike back at our interior opponents so we can experience life as a whole again. As long as there is conflict between these emotional powerhouses, there is a chance that Truth may lose once again. Without Truth, life is meaningless, unfulfilled and pathetic. With Truth on our side, life as it was has been re-born, and we are granted a second chance. Let us rally together, and aid in the battle for our freedom of inspiration. Come my friends, and learn the way of a true warrior, the ways of a Knight, so we can battle our way through our internal disillusionment and end this struggle . . . forever!


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