Go Ask Alice Essay Research Paper The

Go Ask Alice Essay, Research Paper

The title of my book is “GO ASK ALICE”, anonymous. is a diary of a

15 year old girl and how she had to fight drugs. It is a true story. In

general it’s about a 15 year old girl who lives a normal life with a good

family and a good up-bringing. She has a sister named Alex and a brother

named Tim, and two parents. Her father is a professor at the Chicago

University. She likes boys and wearing nice clothes and just basically

being your average everyday girl. Then she meets this girl named Jan who

looks like a nice girl and Alice is so excited to be accepted. Then at one

of the parties she gets handed a glass of LSD and Coke and she first thinks

it’s the most amazing thing in the world. That’s where things went downhill.

She started getting in with the wrong crowd and started going out with a guy

who had her dealing drugs to even elementary kids(!). Then one night she

finds him making out with a guy so she of course assumes he’s gay and has

been using her just to sell drugs for him. Her and her friend is fed up

with the drug life and decide to run away to Salt Lake City. They decide

that they know no one there so they won’t be tempted with drugs. They

stay there for a couple days before going to San Fransisco. They got a

dingy little apartment and after a week they both got a job. Then as it

turns out her employer invited them over for a little get-together. And

guess what? There was drugs there and like she says once you try drugs you

can never stop and they both just sat down and cried as they smoked on a

joint. Then the next night the employer gives them heroine and takes speed

herself and rapes them both. They cripple their way home and quit their jobs

and they go open up their own little store and sell funky jewelry and clothes.

After a couple of months they both get homesick and call home. Their parents

are crying and are so glad to see them. She is very happy and promises

herself she will never go near drugs again. A couple months later her friend

calls her and is very upset and tells her to come over immediately. When she

comes over her friend is on drugs again and she goes back on drugs and they get

all disoriented and when she finally wakes up she is in Denver. When she

finally gets back she tries to stick with the straight kids. But the “grass

gang” keeps on threatening her. Finally when she is baby-sitting someone put

LSD on her peanuts and she went crazy and ended up in a mental hospital cause

she had torn her finger nails off scratching off the worms on herself. When

she finally gets home she is going good, hates drugs and plans on doing social

work. She decides not to have a diary and then in the epilogue it tells how

three weeks later she died of a over dose. It is unknown if it was accidental

or premeditated. It related to spiritual in many ways. She felt really close

to god when she was stuck in Denver and had to go to a church for help and

found refuge with a priest. Also her poor parents prayed to god regularly

hoping their daughter was O.K. Emotionally it affected her and all of her

family wondering if their daughter was alive or dead. Also she did a lot of

growing up and had to overcome drugs in her epic struggle. Also her parents

were tormented regularly about the thought of her daughter. Physically she is

practically abused by the drugs and she is suffering from lack of vitamins and

eating. Also all the stress on her parents can’t be healthy. Her siblings

were probably upset and their body took a beating. Also social because of her

first getting with drugs her social life was either non-existent or was with

druggies. And mentally she probably killed billions of irreplaceable brain

cells and probably affected her families mental abilities too because they

would be clogged with worrying. I learned a lot how drugs can ruin your life

and even kill you. I learned also what happens and how it makes you go crazy

and even if you just try it they can get you addicted for life. For my personal

views I think it was a tragedy because she was just rehabilitating and was

recovering and then something happened. It’s just too bad a perfectly good

life had to be ruined like that and in the process destroy the lives of her

parents and family when she had it going so well. And in conclusion that is

my verdict of this book and I highly recommend it to all people(probably not

under the age of ten though) but is a very good book and I give it a 9.3 on my

personal book-scale.


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