The Jewel Of Titletown Essay Research Paper

The Jewel Of Titletown Essay, Research Paper

The Jewel of Titletown

Traffic was moving freely during a recent morning in Green Bay, much like it

always does. Rush hour in Titletown is modest, to say the least.

Green Bay is small by metropolitan standards, but the locals prefer to think of their

community as quaint, cozy, and comfortable. A big city feel without many of the big city


Near the central part of town, along the banks of the Fox River, sits a Green Bay

landmark: Lambeau Field.

The home of the 3-time Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers is a mecca to

football fanatics, some of whom embark on cross-country quests just to lay eyes on the

storied frozen tundra.

A bright sun had risen, and its light radiated onto Lambeau’s eastern wall,

illuminating the bright yellow letters which spell out GREEN BAY PACKERS over the

forest green background – the predominant exterior color of the stadium.

As you approach Lambeau Field, the more intriguing and magnificent it becomes.

Driving on Lombardi Avenue, past the grocery store, Chuck E. Cheese’s and a local strip

mall, the stadium’s confining features are striking, considering the place seats 60,790.

Lambeau Field itself seems small, and it is hard not to immediately focus on the

eight powder blue light standards which line its sides, towering overhead. The facade of

the stadium appears to have been constructed of a forest green sheet metal – a wonderfully

simplistic look in an age of high-tech everything.

Just seeing the inside of Lambeau Field is certainly warranted. Once inside, the

stench of history and greatness is like that of a freshly baked apple pie cooling in a kitchen.

It is all you notice; all you see; all you feel.

Both sides of the forest green walls, which occupy the stadium’s club seats and

private boxes, have displayed upon them in a rich, deep yellow the names of the 19 Packer

players and coaches who have been enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in

Canton, Ohio. The names are not easily forgotten in NFL lore and are not allowed to be

forgotten in Green Bay. Lombardi, Lambeau, Nitschke, Gregg, Star, Hutson, Canadeo, and

most recently Jordan, are just a smattering.

You can almost see guards “Fuzzy” Thurston and Jerry Kramer furiously pulling left

on the Green Bay Sweep while halfback Paul Hornung slowly picks his time to hit the hole

at the right moment, then cutting through untouched for a touchdown on the muddy turf.

Along the wall in the southeast corner of the stadium are the 12 years the Packers

have been crowned world champions. Many admire Lambeau Field, like the Mona Lisa.

The greatest feature in this state-of-the-art facility is the Packer team itself. Those

players sitting on the west side bench are Super Bowl champions and they certainly add

luster to historic Lambeau Field.


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