Book Report On Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men

In the beginning of the story, two men named George Milton and Lennie Small are trying to make their way to a small ranch in Salinas Valley, California. George is the leader of their two man tribe, despite Lennie s intimidating size. George is filled with determination and confidence while Lennie is a simple man with a big heart.

Up north, they had recently been run out of a town called Weed on account of Lennie. First of all, Lennie is not very smart, and becomes frightened and confused easily. Also, he enjoys petting animals and feelingthings that grab his attention. One night in Weed, Lennie and George had gone to a pool hall. Lennie saw a girl wearing a bright red dress. He grabbed on to the sleeve of her dress. The girl became scared and screamed; this frightened Lennie. He did not know what to do so he held on to the dress tighter.

The next day, George found out that the girl went to the police and pressed charges against Lennie. The police were all over town looking for him. George and Lennie escaped by hiding in an irrigation ditch until nightfall and then leaving town. After that, they hitchhiked all the way to Salinas Valley, California where the story continues.

The next day they arrived at their destination, the ranch where the would be working. That day, they met someone named Candy. He was an old man who had been working on the farm for many years. He also had an old dog. It was so stiff with rheumatism it could hardly walk.

A few minutes later, someone else walked into the bunk. His name was Curly and he was the boss s son. Curly was extremely hostile towards the newcomers,especially Lennie. George predicts Curly will present future problems and advises Lennie to keep out of Curley s way. George is trying to keep Lennie from getting into trouble again, so when they meet Curley s flirtatious wife, George advises Lennie never to talk to her. Later that day, they also meet some of the other ranch hands, Slim, Whit and Carlson.

That night, Slim gave Lennie of his newborn puppies. Lennie was so overjoyed that he stayed out in the barn half the night petting it.

While Lennie was in the barn something was going on in the bunk house. Carlson was trying to persuade Candy to let him shoot his dog. Carlson argued that the dog was old, sick and miserable and that ending its suffering would be the best thing to do for the dog. After a few minutes, of thought Candy wearily agreed. So Carlson took the old, weary dog outside put a gun to the back of the dog s head and pulled the trigger.

A few minutes later, Lennie returned to the bunk house from the barn. Then he asked George to repeat their dream as he often did. So George began again. When we get enough money we are going to have a little house, a few acres of land, and a few animals. We will be our own bosses and do what we want to do. Candy was still in the room and got very excited at hearing this that he asked if he could go in on it with them. George hesitated until he heard how much money Candy had saved up and then he agreed that he could be included in their dream.

When Curly came back into the bunk house, Lennie was still smiling

at the thought of his dream. Curly thought Lennie was laughing at him and

began to pick a fight. Before long Lennie had a bloody nose. He looked to

George for help while Curly continued to pound him. Suddenly, George

screamed, get him . The frightened Lennie grabbed Curley s hand right

as he was throwing another punch. Curly shrank back in pain. Lennie had

broke most of the bones in his hand. Lennie did not get in trouble because

Curly told everyone he got his hand caught in a machine.

The next morning, everyone was playing horse shoes except Lennie. He was out in the barn petting his puppy when all of a sudden Curley s wife appears in the doorway. She asks him why he is out in the barn all alone. He says because he likes to pet things that are soft and his puppy is soft. Then she says that her hair is soft and asks Lennie if he wants to feel it. Of course he did not refuse. As he is stroking her hair she started to protest because he began to mess it up. She will not be quiet and Lennie is afrad if George catches him with her he will be mad. So he covered her mouth wit his strong hand. She continued to scream and struggle which frightened Lennie. So he shook her and then suddenly, all was quiet. Lennie hadaccidentally broken her neck.

After a moment, Lenie realized he had done a bad thing and ran away when he heard George coming. When George saw Curley s wife lying in the straw he knew Lennie had done it. A few minutes later, th rest of the men discovered her. Curly was furious and George was afraid he might kill Lennie so he went to look for him. George already knew the only place Lennie would go, the brush where they stayed the last night before they came to the ranch.

When George got there Lennie asked if he was mad at him. George said no and after much thought told Lennie to look straight out at the river. As they stood there, George told Lennie about the house and the land they would soon have and how it would all be. Lennie smiled at the pleasant thoughts as George pulled out a gun. He aimed it at the back of Lennie s head and pulled the trigger.

I enjoyed reading Of Mice and Men. I think it was a very good book.

I was very surprised by the ending of the story. I would recommend this

book to any one who enjoys reading about friendship.


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