Rockeffeller Essay Research Paper John D Rockefeller

Rockeffeller Essay, Research Paper

John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie were two great pioneers in American history. Rockefeller founded the Standard Oil Company and Andrew Carnegie founded the steel company. They did many great things in this country to help boost up industrial growth. Without both of their brains America would never have been the way it is now. There are many reasons why Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller were great pioneers of this country.

One way they were good pioneers was because in the steel industry, Carnegie made up a system that was known as vertical integration. Carnegie bought his own iron and coalmines because using single companies cost too much money. By him doing that he was able to undersell his competitors. Carnegie and Rockefeller s business went from top to bottom. They follow one product through all its stages. Rockefeller controlled the oil when it was drilled, then he maintained the refining process, which he turned into gasoline. Even though these two different methods of controlling their businesses they were still very successful.

Andrew and Rockefeller both exercised their genius brains in making ways to defeat their competition. Although they were tough and hardheaded in business, he was not a monopolist. John D. Rockefeller came to take over the whole oil industry. He was a great man because he tried to be the best there can be in controlling something major like the Oil Company and also he showed very little mercy. He helped America by having products that were at very cheap price. Rockefeller believed in ruthless business, Carnegie did later too. After both their companies were successful industries.

Even though Carnegie and Rockefeller treated their workers with cruel and harsh manners, they still did the best for them and their lives. They would encourage their workers to have a competition between one another so they can do a better job. By doing that their companies would move faster and more run more efficient. Some people think of them as geniuses because of all the great thoughts they came up with to discover the companies and make themselves become one of the most powerful people of their time. In another case some people consider them as thieves or robber barons. They think of them as thieves because they really found a way to make money that really no one else could make unless you were a genius. They just tried very hard, and when they made their money they also gave donations to their communities, which they really didn t have to do.

The success of the Standard Oil Company and The United States Steel Company was approved to the fact that their owners ran them with great ability. In this time period many new businesses were being formed and it took talented businessmen such as Carnegie and Rockefeller to get ahead and keep the companies running and make the money that were made in that time period. Those were some reasons why Carnegie and Rockefeller were successful in running their companies and by that they are considered great pioneers of their time.


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