Space Odyessey Essay Research Paper 2001 SPACE

Space Odyessey Essay, Research Paper


After watching this movie, a lot of it is very

confusing to me and is really hard for me to understand.

You really have to think about what is being said in the

movie to get a good understanding of the points that the

director is trying to get across. I would really like to

get a professors view of the movie to get a better

understanding. Throughout this paper I am going to give a

little review of the movie and discuss interesting facts

that I thought were helpful and appealing.

The beginning of the movie was pretty weird I thought.

I wasn?t used to a movie without any spoken words.

Throughout the whole movie the music is usually playing the

role as the speaker or communicator. I thought this part

was very interesting that the music is the link between the

audience and what they are viewing. Space Odyssey begins

with a group of apes that show how they feel and their

personality through their movements and sounds they are

making. I didn?t really understand this part but I think

when the ape picked up the animal bone and shattered the

skeleton it was a part of his learning experience. I

Juco 2

believe that the ape was in the process of learning and

adapting to his surroundings by the way his actions were.

He then uses the the bone as an attack method to kill

another ape.

The movie then moves to the world of human beings that

exist. This was the most interesting part of the movie I

thought. How the director makes everything look so real

and interesting. The part in the movie when a man has to

use a voice identification to verify who he is. Also the

same man goes and uses a phone where you can see the other

individual and you don?t even have to hold anything up to

your ear. Technology in this movie I thought was crazy.

Some of the stuff, like the visible telephone I thought was

cool but some of the other technology seemed so normal in

the movie but when I think of it, it feels as a second

nature to me.

What I thought was crazy about this movie was Hal. Hal

is a computer system which can speak to its user. I

couldn?t understand how this computer pretty much has

control over the people in the space ship. I think it is

really interesting that the computer system could do so

much. This movie illustrated to me how important technology

and computers are to the world as a whole. How you can

pretty much live your whole life in a room with a computer.

The possibilities are endless with a computer at your


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