Definition Of A Team Player Essay Research

Definition Of A Team Player Essay, Research Paper

Robert C. Meyers

English 1301, Definition Essay

3 August 99

A Definition of a Team Player

A team player can be associated to any type of profession a person participates in.

The dictionary defines team players as a number of people associated together in work or activity. Team players are the type of people with a tremendous personality who contribute and motivate themselves in many areas. They include the military, sports, work, and families. But, there are a few things team players are not. Let us explore these aspects closer.

A team player must have an tremendous personality to be successful. A tremendous personality includes being friendly, tactful, and diplomatic. A friendly personality is good to help keep the other players in harmony. It is imperative to have a friendly personality so others will not be afraid to approach the team player with a problem. Being friendly to others will directly effect the tactfulness used in talking with other people. A team player that is tactful will always have the respect of the people around him/her. When a team player has the respect of the people around him/her, it will have a positive impact on any conflict that he/she must mediate when they arise on a team. The diplomatic skills a team player has will help bring any disputes that other players might have with someone to a quick conclusion. This is essential in keeping the team on a successful track.

Another attribute of a team player is how he/she contributes to the team. A team player will discuss his/her ideas, give extra time, and sometimes give money, if it will the team as a whole. By discussing ideas, a team player is using participating leadership. This gives the team as a whole the chance to solve problems together and work towards a solution. It will make every member of the team feel important. Giving extra time towards a team goal is also important in the role of a team player. When a team player gives the time to other members of the team, he/she is held in high praise by other team members. This will impact team members putting forth additional effort. Sometimes team players will contribute money if it helps the team reach its goal. All in all, team players contribute their ideas, time, and money to bring the morale of the whole team to the highest possible level.

A tremendous personality and contribution will lead to positive motivation on a team. Motivation is the key to why team players try so viciously. A team player motivates the people around him/her by always having a positive attitude. He/she is usually recognized by the rest of the team as the leader and must set a good example for the others to follow. There are two ways a team player can show motivation. They are always striving for mission accomplishment and constantly wanting the team to be successful. A team player strives for mission accomplishment by showing no concern for his/her own individual needs. This will make the team want to work together as one until a particular task is accomplished. As a result, the team will be successful and show great pride and dignity in whatever mission that may arise in the future. Therefore, a team that achieves mission accomplishment and team success will produce many team players where everyone is a leader.

Team players can be found in different types of groups. They are in the military service, on sports teams, in the work place, and inside of families. In the military, they are usually the leaders of the unit. For example, a company commander has 100 people under his/her command. If the commander does not show a tremendous personality, contribute to the unit’s needs, or show motivation towards the mission that the unit must accomplish, he/she will fail to bring unit cohesion and the unit will not function properly. On sports teams, a team player will sacrifice personal achievements to help the team keep winning and stay successful. In the working world, a team player gives all of himself/herself in hopes of making more money and keeping a business on top of its particular field. Finally, the family team player can demonstrate his/her abilities to take the burden off another family member. For example, a husband comes home from work and cooks dinner because his wife had a stressful day with the kids. This helps keep the family unit in a caring atmosphere.

From looking at what makes up a team player, it is easy to see what a team player is not. To be a team player, one cannot be selfish nor need recognition for one’s individual accomplishments. In not being selfish, a team player will always put the needs of others ahead of his/her own needs. Therefore, not needing recognition for one’s accomplishments is when the team player only expresses pleasure when the team as a whole is successful.

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