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Definition Of Culture Essay Research Paper Definition

Definition Of Culture Essay, Research Paper

Definition of Culture

Culture, a term that entails everything and everyone in our society today, is used to describe the relationships that people?s traditions, actions, arts, and styles share throughout the world in different places, times, and ages. Culture can be described as the actions, arts, beliefs, institutions and all other products of human work and thought. Society is made up of all diverse cultures that make up a whole, and definitive population. All intellectual and artistic works and training both place influence upon and are influenced by culture.

The relationship that people share with each other and their activities is called culture. There is not a single person alive whose beliefs, habits, or tastes have not been influenced by culture, and there never will be. Just the very fact that others share the same joys and simple happiness in listening to a certain type of music, taking part in certain recreations, or dressing a certain way is usually enough motivation for you to feel more comfortable doing alike. Most ?fads? or ?fashion waves? come as a part of a cultural change in people?s moral beliefs and are constantly going on because culture never stays the same.

Because society is the intertwinement of many cultures to produce a single group of people on the earth, the way certain cultures react to each other is a very important observation. Even though there are similarities different cultures share, there will usually be a distinction between one culture and another. Most likely an observer will be able to tell the difference between an Englishman and an Indian just by either a view of their living area, taste of their food, or a peek in their closet. This should be true with most different cultures.

One of the most influential factors in artists and intellectuals work is the culture in which they were raised. The previous major works of a society usually have a great effect on the creators of fine art and scholar materials. But at the same time these thinkers and imaginative people do sometimes come up with radical ideas that can greatly revolutionize the way people view things. That is how the culture of a people is molded into something new.

All in all, there are many ways to describe culture, a word used to describe society. Culture can be described as everything common that people share with each other. The basis of society is the inclusion of many random cultures of a time. Culture is what influences, and is changed by, the great artists and thinkers of a time.