Ben Folds Five Essay Research Paper Ben

Ben Folds Five Essay, Research Paper

Ben Folds Five

Ben Folds Five is a band who started in 1994. Ben Folds Five is a trio not

a quintet, which it is often mistaken for. The band originated in Chapel Hill,

North Carolina. Ben Folds Five is known for it?s half punk and half alternative

sounds. The famous band Styx and the famous band Journey have given Ben

Folds Five music the title of ?punk rock for sissies.?

In the late 1980?s, Ben Folds played bass in a band called Maj=sha. The

band was not very successful. Maj=sha only cut one record not giving itself a big

name. In the early 1990?s, he played drums in a group called Pots and Pans.

Folds then moved to New York after Pots and Pans broke up. He did some

theater work and signed a publishing deal with Sony Music for his singing.

This publishing deal allowed him three weeks to return to Chapel Hill and

form a new band. Ben Folds Five then originated. The trio includes three band

members with much experience under their belts. The lead singer and pianist

Ben Folds has been in many bands mentioned earlier. The bassist Robert Sledge

formerly played with a band called The Toxic Popsicle. The drummer Darren

Jesse was a former member of Limbo.

Soon after the trio got together, they released a single, ?Jackson Cannery,?

which lead to a deal with a New York based publishing company called Caroline.

Ben Folds states he feels more comfortable in littler towns like his own back

home. So for their first year or two, they only stayed in local towns and small

towns across America to perform.

Getting the piano sound popular was not easy for this band. The sound

popular then was the grunge distorted-guitar sound. Ben Folds knew it was

going to be tough to become popular without that guitar sound. But still persued

his dreams.

Folds states, ?I won?t compromise-we just don?t play if there?s no piano. If

you compromise with people, you?re screwed in this industry. It?s like walking

into class on the first day, and if you?re a geek, kicking someone?s butt so that no

one will mess with you.? This statement stuck with him his whole career. It was

printed in numerous magazines across America.

Today Ben Folds Five travels across America still doing live concerts and

touring with other bands. Ben Folds Five really hit the charts with their only

number one song ?Brick.? With this original sound of only a piano, bass, and

drums, I feel this band is bound for great success. They have original music

along with their own original sounds.



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