The French And English Revolutions Essay Research

The French And English Revolutions Essay, Research Paper

The French and English Revolutions

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The French Revolution was effected and caused by many things and people. Some

people that had to do with the French Revolution were, Louis XVI, and, Marie

Antoinette. Marie played an active role in the Revolution but suffered for her royalist

sympathies. King Louis XVI also played an important role in the Revolution, seeing as

how he was the king and all. When Louis XVI came to be King, he inherited a France in

debt, and he was left with no choice but to raise taxes even though they were already

high enough. This had made the people of France very angry. Paris had become furious

and chose to make a big scene.

This was also one of the causes of the French Revolution. Some believe that the MAIN

reason for the Revolution was all based on, Louis, being too young and inexperienced to

run an ENTIRE country by himself. He was only when he got married to Marie and he

was only 20 when he officially became king of France.

As the people of France grew more and more angry with Louis, it had started removing

French Officials, such as, Tax collectors, and changing all of the kings appointed men

to intendants. Pretty soon there were oaths and things for Louis to sign everywhere.

Oaths such as the “Tennis Court Oath”, and the “Declaration of the Rights of Man and

the Citizen”, and the “Constitution of 1791.”

Two effects of the Revolution were, change the voting by head, giving the third estate

an advantage because they had as many people as the first and second estates, and

the beheading of King Louis XVI.

This section has shown how the French Revolution was effected and caused by many

things and people.


The English revolution was also effected by many people and things, just like the

French Revolution.

Some people having to do with the Revolution were King Charles II, and King James II.

Charles and James both were kings of England for their own share of time, influencing

the country and its motives.

After a short bit, Charles died unexpectedly from natural causes at the age of 55. Then

James, brother of Charles, became King. This was a reason for the Revolution in some

people’s eyes.

The change of Charles to James was a stutter in the economy. It caused a major

uproar, not against James, but just a lot of commotion and talk amongst the people.

This happened because the death of Charles was so unexpected. Then James made

some stupid mistakes and was forced out. His short reign ended with the Revolution at

the arrival of William of Orange.

Two effects of the English Revolution are, the “Declaration of Rights”, and, the “Bill of

Rights”. These documents have held governments together, not only in England, but

here in the USA too.

This section has shown the how the English Revolution was effected by many people

and things, just as the French Revolution was.


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