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Chrysanthemums Essay Research Paper In the Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums Essay, Research Paper

In the Chrysanthemums setting plays a crucial role in how we see the story in our minds. The author uses the surroundings as a way to paint a picture in the reader s mind, and to help them grasp a better understanding on what is happening within the story. Two ways on why the author does this is it helps the fix it man sell to Elisa, and it helps us to understand why Elisa is the way she is.

During the story Elisa is working in her garden. She is hard at work when she hears someone coming up the road. She then turns to see who it is and finds that it is a fix it man who is coming her way. As the man gets closer she notices the side of his wagon. It says that he fixes pots, pans, and other odds and ends. Elisa is hoping that he won t stop at her residence, but he does and commences to speak to her. They engage in conversation and of course he tries to sell to her. In this instance Elisa says no but her setting and surroundings will later make her say yes. See the man asks about her flowers, the chrysanthemums, she tells him all about them. She tells him everything from how she cuts them back every year to how she thinks they are the best around. The man then commences to ask her if he could have a few because he had a lady friend up the road a ways that has every type of flower, but he knew that she didn t have that kind. This is where setting comes into play because Elisa doesn t know it yet but she is trapped. She gives the man some of the flowers, and she then leads him on his way. The man then stops and asks if she is sure that she doesn t have anything for him to do. Elisa then gives in and gives the man some pots that she had found out back. Setting in this part of the story plays a very important role because you can just about envision what is happening. The author describes every fine little detail including the dog that is running up under the wagon. It ends up playing a vital role in the end of the story.

The setting in the story helps us to better understand the character of Elisa. The surroundings of a person can better tell you a story about them than any other thing can. Elisa is a countrywoman. She lives with her husband in a home on a cattle ranch. She sticks to being a homemaker and to her planting of flowers that she loves so much. The main part of the book s setting takes place outdoors in the garden in front of the house. That is where Elisa does her planting. Elisa has conversations with her husband, the man that tries to sell her stuff, and herself. She seems to be a strong willed person who would like to do things for herself. The planting of flowers seems to be her way of hoping that if she can show to her husband that she can plant nice flowers than maybe he will let her plant a garden. The setting tells us a lot about anyone s character it can tell us everything from the mood they re in to how hungry they are.

The story the Chrysanthemums is a great short story. The setting in the story plays such a vital role in explaining what is going on. It paints a picture in the mind of the reader, and helps us to better understand the character of Elisa.

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