Fashion A Tyrant Whom We Are All

Fashion: A Tyrant Whom We Are All Forced To Obey Essay, Research Paper

Oops! Britney Spears has done it again. She has yet again topped the list of the worlds worst dressed stars, taking the title of The Worlds Worst Dressed Woman of 2000. Out of a total of 63391 votes from a poll taken ?who needs a fashion makeover? Britney was second and first place was taken by Britney?s rival, teenage pop sensation Christina Aguilera. After hearing the results, a fashion stylist who used to work for fashion magazine Marie Claire said, ?No surprises for guessing who?s crying for a fashion makeover. Christina Aguilera looks like the worst little whorehouse in Texas in her ?Moulin Rouge? garters and stockings. And what?s with the hair? She looks like a cross between a bird and a lion with that wild mane that has taken quite a beating. Honestly girl, sack your stylist! What works for Gwen Stefani does not always work for everyone!? What this fashion stylist says does not affect Christina?s millions of fans! So no matter what Britney looks like and no matter what she wears, at the end of the day she remains to be the Pop Princess of the century and a hero of many people.

So now the only question that remains unanswered is why do people dress the way they do? Is it just a sense of style or are we dressing to make a fashion statement or are we dressing just to be dressed or are we forced to go along with the crowd and obey the fashion tyrant?

We all try to keep up with fashion, looking around for the latest garb, but there is also a small percentage of people who don?t follow fashion and they are some times termed as weird, but in their own way, they have a sense of style. The whims of fashion have changed drastically over the years, from maxis to minis and bell-bottoms to skin tights.

Fashion designers have made modesty a thing of the past, designing clothes that are appealing to the eye. Years ago women strived to be modest and to dress modestly but today the more of your body left uncovered, the more you are adored. Keeping up with fashion is important and your first impression counts! If two people apply for an office job it is more likely that the applicant wearing a suit would get the job rather than the applicant in shorts and a T-shirt. How you feel in what you wear is not important, it is just a matter of looking good. The standard of the clothes that you wear is determined by designers. If you follow the body-revealing trend-setting style, you are seen as stylish. When fashion trends are set are we forced to obey, or is it our own choice?

Well, don?t we all want to look like the very sexy models strolling on the catwalk? When we see how lovely an outfit looks on them we buy the outfit. Fashion stylists merely use models to advertise their clothes and ordinary people (like us) buy it. At the end of the day we buy the latest fashion, models get paid for ?advertising? and the designers… they get more richer! If we don?t buy designer clothes, designers would not make money and models would be unemployed. We are all links in this ?fashion circle? and if we embrace the designs of the designers, we are just making them richer. Even though a majority of the people adhere to these designs, there are some who don?t, there are some people who don?t care about fashion.

When a Muslim woman was asked weather she kept up with fashion she replied, ?Their sheer clothes and low-cut gowns, they are really not for me. You call it freedom (to dress in any way) and i call it anarchy. Faith is more essential than fashion so i?d rather spend money in the Way of God than spend money on designer clothes. You should dress simply and modestly and avoid wearing clothes that catch the eye.?

We have nothing against the fashionable trend-setters but the way some people dress is terrible. Titanic star, Kate Winslet is flawed in fashion. The way she dresses is totally different compared to other stars like Liz Hurley, but even though she has no style of dress off the camera, she has had lots of success in her career and she has received lots of attention. If Kate was abit more fashionable, she would of been in the ranks of Charlize Theron, one of the best dressed women, not only having a good career but also having a good style of fashion.

We often keep a close eye on our favourite stars. So if Angelina Jolie is seen wearing a belly chain, I?m sure that her fans would probably rush and buy a belly chain to. The celebrities play a role in dictating what fashion accessories should be worn.

By following another person?s fashion trend we can make additions to it, creating our own trend but you must remember that what looks good on other people may not look good on you. This often results in making you the ?centre of attraction? in a negative way. These days appearance is important but you don?t have to do what the next person is doing, to be noticed. You could receive the admiration of many people just by being yourself.

In one way or another, we all follow some fashion trend. In newspapers, magazines and on T.V. we are often given fashion tips. We can either apply these tips or ignore them completely. At the end of the day we should ask ourselves:


To a certain extent we do obey the fashion tyrants, but we must remember that clothes do not make a person! It is who you are… not what you wear.


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