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Was The American Revolution A True Revoultion

? Essay, Research Paper

American Revolution Was it a True Revolution ? In 1789 the American Revolution came to an end ,when the Constitution was ratified . But was this revolutionreally a revolution ? Skocpol , Martin Lipset and other wellrenowned experts on revolutions have argued whether ornot the American Revolution was in actuality a revolution .Did the American Revolution cause social , political , andeconomic change ? And were they revolutionary ?TheAmerican Revolution was a true in political , social , andEconomical aspects . The American Revolution although it was lead by theelites , nevertheless it did cause social change . TheAmerican Revolution was led by the elites of that time . (Man of property ) The elites detested the monarchy they hadrebelled against because it had oppressed them . Theydecided to emphasis in their new government that , Theindividual is the most important entity and authority is not tobe followed. (#2 on reference sheet) and that the naturalrights of the individual can not be violated by government .The natural rights are fore fathers spoke so highly of werethe rights of life , liberty , and the pursuit of property .Thiswas a major social change because for the first timeindividualism and participation in government was beingpromoted by the government doctrines . The social changecan be said to be revolutionary for it had never happened ina government . Another change that the American Revolution broughtwas a political one . The Americans who were under amonarchy that supported mercantilism felt that their newgovernment needed change . Very little power wasappropriated to the government and the power that wasgiven , had checks and balances attached to it in order tokeep one branch from becoming too powerful and to makesure the electorate had the control . (#1 on reference sheet)They set up this type of government to keep all the powerout of the hands of one person . Hence creating a republic

instead of a monarchy . It is evident that the governmentand political values changed drastically from what they hadbeen before and for that reason the it was revolutionary . Economic change also took place due to the AmericanRevolution . Prior to this sedition the colonies were the motherlands producers . This type of system was amerchantilistic one . In this type of system the motherland sproducers only supply them and don t receive anything inreturn . This did not allow the business men of the coloniesto become competitors in the trading market that existed .After the American Revolution the thirteen colonies becameinto thirteen separate countries . Now they were open tocompete and become involved in the trading market . Afterthe revolutionary war the motherland felt as though theyhad been betrayed , so they closed all the ports and traderoutes to them . Although many doors were closed to thenew countries (because of the motherland turning theirbacks on them) , nevertheless these thirteen countriesprogressed to become one country . This country wouldgrow and become a powerful nation . To conclude , the American Revolution did causechange . The revolution brought social , political , andeconomic change . This is evident in the fact that there waslong lasting changes afterwards . All of the changes wererevolutionary . Socially , the masses were given rights thatthe government could not violate and a sense ofindividualism , …which is the quintessential American value ,born out the American Revolution of the 18th century. (#3on reference sheet) was now present . Politically , theAmerican Revolution brought much change . The newchecks and balances insured that a monarchy would neverexist as it did before . Economically , the new nation wasnow open to become a competitor and become a renownedpower in the trading market . The American Revolutionbrought all of the changes required . The AmericanRevolution initiated a wave of enlighten political activists thattransformed the world political tradition . And for thatreason the changes that the American Revolution broughtcan be considered a revolutionary .