JFK Essay Research Paper The tragedy I

J.F.K Essay, Research Paper

The tragedy I will discuss is the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy .

President Kennedy was the 35 th President of the United States .He was born in 1917 in Brookline , Massachusetts . He was the second of 9 children , born to wealthy parents .

From 1941 -1945 , President Kennedy served in the Navy and was decorated for heroism .He saved the lives of 3 of his men after his P.T. boat was sunk by a Japanese destroyer . In 1957 , President Kennedy won a Pulitzer Prize for the book he wrote about his Naval career , Profiles in Courage .He served in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

In 1961 President Kennedy was elected 35 th President of the United States .He was the youngest man ever elected , the first Roman Catholic , and the first man born in the 20 th century. During his short term , he created the Peace Corps , instituted a naval blockade of Cuba which forced Soviet missiles out of Cuba .. He also had federal troops force integration in the schools in Mississippi and Alabama .He spoke eloquently and made the people appreciate America .

On November 22 , 1963 , President Kennedy was killed in Dallas , Texas . He was riding in a convertible with his wife .He was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald . The shot was fired from a top floor of the boo depository where Oswald worked .His reasons were never learned . Two days after his arrest , Oswald was killed on live T.V. by Jack Ruby .

On November 25 th , President Kennedy was buried at Arlington National Cemetery where an eternal flame burns at his grave . One million people lined the streets of Washington For the funeral procession .Dignitaries from 92 nation attended .

I asked my mom what it was like in the country at that time . My mom said schools and businesses closed . People were openly crying in the street .People were heartbroken all over the world .

During the funeral procession , the Presidents wife and two children were standing on the street to see the coffin . It was very sad to see his little son of 2 or 3 years salute the coffin holding his fathers body .


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