Science Essay Research Paper It is a

Science Essay, Research Paper

It is a wicked world in which the power of any individual to cause suffering is so great and the power to do good is so sight; but here we are, the week of our beloved national feast, our annual homecoming, and signs of loving Providence are everywhere around us. Even the unfriendly crew at the fast food place is much more friendlier than anytime in the year.

I am thankful for living in a place where Thanksgiving’s spirit is well alive and people still build a fire in a stove and wrap a blanket around them. I have been in Los Angeles on a balmy day in January and seen the glum faces of people poking at their salads in outdoor restaurants. I am thankful, of course, for Thanksgiving, a joyful and simple day that never suffered commercial exploitation. Most of the restaurants are closed, and streets are quiet.

As I grew up, Thanksgiving evolved perfectly. It used to be that men had the hard work, which is to sit in the living room and women got the good job, which is cooking. Though I’ve never cooked in my life, I decided to help out in vegetarian kitchen at Krishna Mandir. Sachimata, head person of the Mandir kitchen, advice us to prepare fresh salad for fifty people. HariOhm, and I approximately made three bowls of salad with the usual vegetables. However, we got in to it so good that we even decorated the salad to give it a professional look. I never thought simple things like making a salad could be so hard and would take this long. Ever since then, I have appreciated mom’s cooking and her effort day in and day out.

Krishna Mandir is located on 8th Ave., just south of Ohio State campus. They have serve vegetarian food to all the devotees. Food is prepared in the Mandir’s kitchen by Sachimata and other ladies. Since it was a Thanksgiving, we were going to make vegetarian turkey, biscuits, potato, gravy, salad, and pumpkin pie. This year I revolted and decided to help out in the kitchen- and now I am in it. The Big Turkey. Mr. Masher. The Pie Man. Thanksgiving dinner is as easy to make, as it is to eat. Except for gravy and piecrust, which take patience and practice. However, I was anxious to see and learn how to make vegetarian turkey.

First, we cut tofu in slices and marinated it with soy sauce and spices. Let it cooked for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. Then Sachimata steam cooked rice, and added seasoning and boiled some vegetables (I guess you can choose vegetables as desired). After that this mix was baked in the oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. Tofu was stuffed with pepridge farm’s vegetarian stuffing. And we made layers of cooked rice and tofu. And we just made ourselves some vegetarian turkey. Food tastes so much better when you prepare it yourself or help preparing it. Other ladies made biscuits and gravy. Diane prepared pumpkin pie for everyone. After chanting, everyone enjoyed warm Thanksgiving meal.

Diane advised us to wash some pans in order to start the preparations. For me this was unexpected, I hate doing dishes. But HariOhm volunteered to do the first load, and I thought I got off. However, it didn’t exactly workout that way. I ended up doing the last two loads of dishes. One of the most important thing I learn is that how good it feels to help out. And I can cook, it is no longer only women’s job.


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