Miss Julie Essay Research Paper Miss Julie

Miss Julie Essay, Research Paper

Miss Julie, a character who is caught between two personalities. The two social statuses she belonged to one side, which is her mothers, being poor. And the other which belonged to her father, being one of the richest. How does one expect a woman like this to act? I speculated she would be one of those spoiled, getting all she wants, wanting everything from a persons lover to a persons everything. This is what exactly happens in the story. She is a person who doesn’t know herself. All she wants to do is enjoy life by dancing and drinking. Only if she knew which will be the cause of her greatest destruction. Her being spoiled can be blamed. But I blame the drinking. A man who seduces her making her very vulnerable. Yes vulnerable she is, falling in trap with words of a guy who hates the rich but claims to love her. But only if she were not drunk, she would realize what a fool she is. Sleeping with a guy who claims to love her but is in love with someone else. Then comes time for her to realize her foolish mistake, a mistake that obviously does cause her life to end. Asking the guy, what do we do now? Coming up with a fast plan, making her very creative under pressure. But not realize it was all a front by the guy. Running away from the society was the way found, making her very caring of her reputation. Realizing her mistake after the sexual contact with the guy. Making her look like she does first then thinks, when a wise person should think before doing. But after the plan realizing she doesn’t have enough money, making her relationship with her rich father very distant. But doesn’t decide to steal the money as the guy says, making her very trustworthy as well. But overwhelmed with shame. Does not know what to do, does not know herself, making her a very confusing person. But is very faithful, remembers her mothers beliefs, a belief told to her when she was young, showing her very powerful memory. And said “I will never be a mans slave”. And decides not to risk her freedom, making her a very free person. Being persuaded easily she does decide to leave, showing her vulnerability once again. Showing care of her birds, she takes them with her, but guy-making excuses says no to taking the bird. Killing it in front of her, which brings out her emotions and says bad words to him. Realizing again what a mistake she made while being drunk, a mistake causing the destruction of her life. Walking in the girlfriend of the guy, Julie shows how creative she is under pressure once again, lies to the girlfriend and getting her to come with them. Making her very very caring of her reputation. Decides to take the girlfriend so she doesn’t tell her father, what a personality. Pretending at the same time nothing has happened with the guy and her. Not even letting the guy’s real girlfriend get a clue on how close they are, making her very slick as well. Being selfish as well, trying to get all the benefits. But the guy finally shows his true colors and says no. Realizing how bad the planning was. Here comes the rich father, showing her selfishness, and trying to get the guy to leave. But guy again says no. And no choice remaining, making her a trapped bird. A bird, which has no way out. Taking a knife in her hand, given from the guy, and goes away forever. Which makes her very strong.


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