I Would Rather Dream Vancouver Than Hong

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?I would rather dream Vancouver than Hong Kong.?

With its beautiful weather conditions and natural atmosphere, Vancouver is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Hong Kong, on the other hand, is a booming center for industry and business that suffers from high urbanization and pollution. It is this extreme difference in both climate and scenery that makes Vancouver seem like a pleasant dream, compared to the nightmare that is Hong Kong.

The mountainous forests and proximity to the Pacific Coast make Vancouver?s atmosphere one of relaxation and leisure. Skiing, hiking and camping are just some of the many activities that the mountains resorts of Whistler and Cypress offer. The Pacific Coast provides enjoyment of fishing, water skiing, kayaking and water diving. An abundance of forests and greenery create a fresh, easily breathable environment that is rare in many major cities. In addition, Vancouver hosts many programs that control pollution emitted from local industries. For example, Vancouver?s local Green Peace is one of the most active in North America, protesting against all man-created form of environmental harm, from factory pollution to clear cutting forestry. Vancouver based industries are also very environmentally conscious, with factories located far from residential areas. Also, tests are performed to ensure that each factory plant is not overproducing waste that can pose any kind of potential health risks.

Having a population of over two million many vehicles are used for transportation purposes, Vancouver requires each vehicle to pass the Air Care inspection test. Vancouverites population over two million, they are pampered with the amount of land that each individual can occupy. On average, more than half of the population is living in houses; each citizen has one bedroom as an accommodation. One family per house usually owns two level houses. Such generous land allotment allows many Vancouverites to practice gardening as a hobby, whether in the spring or the summer.

The colors and climate in Vancouver reflect changes in season. At the start of fall it gets to be chilly after which summer is over. However, the color of maple leaves in the time of fall turn into different colors from green to yellow, and then brown to red. Seeing beautiful leaves that slowly fall from trees during this season often bring feelings of calmness to many. Many harvest organic foods and crops near the end of spring, as the showers associated with the season start to die away. Without rain, though, the beautiful plant life associated with Vancouver would not exist. The rain is also the main water supply for the Vancouver population?s consumption of water. Winter is exciting because Vancouver usually snows every year. Activities like ice-skating, snowmen making, and festive decorating are usually abundant at this time of year. Such characteristics of a winter climate allow Vancouverites to usually celebrate a ?white Christmas.?

In contrast, Hong Kong?s atmosphere can be very tense, like a smaller version of New York City. It is almost stressful, as Hong Kong does not offer the relaxing environment of Vancouver. Thick pollution and garbage landfills are everywhere causing many people who live in Hong Kong to prefer staying inside a building rather than being outside. Most people accustomed to Vancouver?s surroundings would probably not like to live in Hong Kong. Attractions are polluted with the smell of garbage wastes, fossil fuels from plants and vehicles, second hand smoke and dust. Fishing for consumption in the oceans is not advisable due to the fact that the waters are polluted by gaseous and human waste. The air cannot be breathed easily as power plants, industrial boilers, motor vehicles, fugitive sources and cigarette smokers pollute it to the point that the sky is grey. Hong Kong does not have the landforms and proper climate to grow forests. The lack of oxygen and CO2 absorbing abilities of trees cause pollution to accumulate. Throughout the year many people catch illnesses such as upper respiratory infections, cardiac disorders, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, emphysema, and throat irritation.

Having a population over seven million, Hong Kong has severe safety hazards. One example would be high rises ranging from thirty to fifty floors. The buses, underground express, mini transit vans, taxis and walking are the main ways to get to destinations. Transportation utilities and streets are packed with people from dawn to dusk. Everyone in the streets pushes and shoves trying to get to and from work. Most people in Hong Kong do not live in houses, but in apartments and do not have the opportunity to do much gardening. Now that China has reunited with Hong Kong, the population is an even greater concern. Monthly, people from China move to Hong Kong pushing the population number up causing space to be considered even more precious and scarce. Also, as Hong Kong is located close to the Pacific Rim, the weather climate tends to be very humid and hot all the time. Throughout the year Hong Kong?s four seasons of humidity range from seventy to one hundred percent. During fall, spring and winter, weather compared to summer becomes much cooler and climates vary from fourteen Celsius to thirty Celsius. Extreme climates occur in fall, where each day?s weather is very unpredictable. Humidity in spring causes tornados, heavy rain and strong winds that have killed many people and damaged many buildings. Summer temperature can rise to forty-Celsius causing many people experience severe drought. While air conditioning is available everywhere, it only enhances the chances of catching a cold easily due to extreme temperature changes of walking in and out of buildings.

People describe Vancouver as being an atmosphere with beautiful scenery, lower population, more space to live in, pollution free and a wonderful variety of weather climates. The clean air, water and environment make it an excellent place to live and experience many different outdoor activities. Overall, it is obvious that Vancouver is a much more pleasant area to live than Hong Kong.


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