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The Tempest Prospero Essay, Research Paper


Through the course of the play, Shakespeare presents us with a man who

seems evil, powerful, and often tyrannical, but in the end, leaves us with a man

who learns how to forgive and who can become a leader once again. He was

betrayed by numerous people including his brother Antonio and Caliban who tried

to rape his daughter Miranda when he brought him into his home. Prospero who is

the rightful Duke of Milan, was removed from his position and replaced by his

brother under the approval of King Alonso. These events contribute too Prospero s

ways of living on the island. Since Prospero was once a leader, his urge for

leadership continues on the island and that is why he is so powerful. Another

reason for Prospero s tyrannical ways, is that he used his magical power s to free

some of the spirits who were imprisoned in trees. These spirits some what

contribute to his personality since they all serve him. They treat him like a God,

and in return, Prospero acts like a God.

Prospero shows how mad he is about the past and how much he wants

revenge by causing a shipwreck leading the people who deceived him in the past

too the island inhabited by Prospero and his slave spirits . Prospero in the

beginning wants revenge, but at the end, he forgives his brother and everyone else

who put him on the island. It shows how someone who has a lot of power, and

has a some what vain personality can become someone who learns how to forgive.

In the end, Prospero leaves the island and relinquishes himself from the magic

powers he had. His brother and the King then recognize Prospero as the rightful

Duke of Milan.

Prospero, although a man with many issues becomes man with the

Characteristics of becoming a leader. His use of magic, while done at times to

indulge himself, is always for some greater purpose that involves others.

Another reason why Prospero is powerful is because of his knowledge of Caliban,

Stephano, and Trinculos plot to kill the king. So when Prospero reclaims his place

in Milan again he’ll have some mighty blackmail just in case he needs any favors

or they try any thing stupid. This way they’ll think twice before going against

Prospero. Especially considering that Miranda will become queen. Prospero is

protective of those who are close to him especially Miranda. Throughout The

Tempest Prospero slowly makes sure Ferdinand and Miranda s love wont fade

quickly. Prospero even called Ferdinand a traitor just to make Miranda seem

harder to get. Prospero forgives Caliban even though he tries to rape Miranda,

turns against Prospero, and tries to kill him. This was especially hurtful, because

Prospero raises Caliban like a son. This was probably not as hurtful as the betrayal

of Prospero’s brother, Antonio. Antonio was the one who casts Miranda and

Prospero out on a ship to die. Only they end up on an island for twelve years.

Without being powerful, caring, and forgiving Prospero might not have ever gotten

off of the island. Even though he must sacrifice his magic his daughters happiness

is more important then his revenge. So he forgives his enemies. In the end Ariel is

set free, Prospero regains his dukedom, Miranda and Ferdinand are getting married

and everyone except Caliban got on the boatswains ship and headed home.


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