The Changing World Of Women Essay Research

The Changing World Of Women Essay, Research Paper

The Changing World of


As a daughter living in a strict environment and living in a traditional

ways, things get a little rough. My father is center of the household, so basically

everything he says goes. In the western world it?s usually the other way around,

it?s usually both the parents that have a say in things. In my society(Muslim

society) my mother has a say in nothing unless my father asks. My mother is an

excellent mother but she mustn?t say anything or it would be considered not being

a good wife. As I get older I am always dreading the day I am asked to be

married. I know times have changed but I have a major dilemma. Am I going to

marry or continue my education? The problem is I like working with medicine and

I want to further my education by going to college. But that requires a minimum

of six years university attendance and if I want more degrees that another five

years. Most of my medical friends that are females married and had children while

they were studying in college. I don?t want that to be me. I want to actually

finish something I start. My father isn?t exactly helping me with the situation.

He hates the fact that I want to work. In his case, women are not supposed to

work unnecessarily if their husbands can provide for them(or their fathers can

provide for them if their not married), but in a place like Saudi Arabia where men

and women don?t mix at work, working just enhances the mind and makes one

wiser to the ways of the world. In my mothers opinion, women become better

companions to their husbands who should be more understanding and supportive.

I feel that instead of being selfish, we can work out ways that help us be good

mothers, wives and also continue with our needs of life. If education is one such

need, then there are ways to acquire it without causing disturbance. I think my

father needs to catch up with the rest of the Muslim world instead of staying in

the traditional ways. He said when I finish or if I finish my medical school he

would refuse permission to let me work in a hospital. I guess some things will

never change. The only person this dilemma is affecting is me. No one else has to

go through my challenge of being a women over coming these obstacles but me.

Hopefully their will be other women that follow in my foot steps and make a

difference for all women or at least try. Women have come a long way but they

are coming up in the world and no one can stop us.


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