Automobile Accident Data Essay Research Paper Recent

Automobile Accident Data Essay, Research Paper

Recent studies in automobile accident data shows that students who have fewer accidents also receive good grades in school as opposed to students with poor grades. In the future, we may see a Maine law that would issue temporary licenses to students, only to be renewed with proof of passing grades. This suggestion will most defiantly stir up controversy, largely among the students at risk of being affected by this law. I myself oppose such an absurd suggestion, and I believe that a law of that nature could never be passed because of the sheer amount of resistance it will most defiantly meet. Take for example, students who give younger siblings rides to school and home. They make it very easy on their parents so they may concentrate on other things instead of how his or her children are getting home safely. With this suggested law in effect, students with below average grades cannot provide transportation for their brothers and sister, which would create a great burden on parents, as well as pack the busses with possible, an unsafe amount of children.Further more, students with licenses have more accessibility to after school activities, such as practice or tutoring, carpooling friends to practice, as well as an opportunity to have a part-time job to save for college. Also, students with licenses are capable of running after school errands for school supplies or groceries, which with the law in effect would be impossible with out the student?s parent driving. It seems that the law in effect would be more of a burden from students on their parents, who are both trying to raise an independent teen, capable of getting things done without the aid of someone else. Some may argue that students with poor grades should not be given the reward of their own license, and maybe this is true. On the other hand the way I see it, going through the drivers Ed program and being issued a license by the state is absolutely in no way related to academic excellence, or school in general. What is related to a teen’s license is passing drivers Ed and proving to the state you are capable of operating a vehicle, its like apples and oranges. Overall, I believe as well as many others that this law would create a great hardship on many people, especially on teens struggling through high school. With out licenses, they are incapable of running errands, working a part-time job, and especially providing siblings with transportation to school and other activities.


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