School Vouchers Essay Research Paper Brian WagnerEnglish

School Vouchers Essay, Research Paper

Brian Wagner

English IV

September 5, 2000

School Vouchers

In today?s society a new question of controversy has arisen. That question is the idea of school vouchers. Presidential candidate republican George Busch has decide that American students deserve the right to choose the school they attended allowing a better educational opportunity for those who would like them. Upon being elected republican George Busch hopes to put this in to effect. How would allowing school vouchers affect our nations educational system? How would private schools feel about letting millions of non-traditional students into there midst? One hopes that there is a lucid answer to these questions.

A school voucher would be allotted amount of money set out for each student of a particular state. This money normally goes towards funding a student?s public school education, but in this case the money could be used for private schooling or any other public school that a student chooses to attend. This would cause public and private schools to compete for the money of students, thus in theory creating better schools.

The first reason that school vouchers are needed is because of the over crowding of the majority of publicly funded schools. These over populated schools cause many problems in communities across America. Such problems are the building conditions. With so many students packed into a small confined space there is normal wear and tear, plus vandalism. Vandalism easily occurs when there are too many students for teachers to keep track of. Since there is less adult supervision in public schools then in a sense these students go to school everyday without the correct guidance and mentoring that less populated schools could offer. Studies have shown that in these environments students feel more hostile and aggressive because they feel like a caged animal with so many other students invading their personal space. With this feeling of hostility over many of the students who attend public school it is said by critics of the public education system that these factors breed violence and prejudice.

All of this could be avoided if the government sanctioned school vouchers. Some of the over flow of students could attend less populated private schools who in all most likelihood would receive these students with magnanimous gratitude over the new influx a capital. Private schools use revenue to foster smaller class sizes, thus one could draw the conclusion that private schools are the antithesis to public schools. In an environment such as this students would be allowed to flourish and grow in a cultivative atmosphere. This is due to the fact that this type of schooling system tends to weed out the less productive students by raising the cost of tuition. When this takes place the student manageability rate increases greatly allowing better education to follow.

Now not only would private schools be able to do this but also now public schools would be able also because of a manageable amount of students has been achieved.


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