Hip Hop

’s Culture Essay, Research Paper

Hip-Hop s Culture

Eminem, Dr. Dre, Nas, Eve, Missy Elliot, Tribe Called Quest, these are all known

for their best flows and culture beat of Hip-Hop. But how can we define Hip-Hop?. In

the early 90 s Hip-Hop began to rise, and its popularity became more big as early

hip-hoppers brought the country to its feet from its unique beats and it s possessive lyrics.

Most songs in the early Hip-Hop days were about simple lives of different people, going

through a rough time, or hanging out with the homes. But as we can see and hear,

Hip-Hop has become more widely known for it s indecent and powerful lyrics that

explain more of violence, sex, and drug theme. There are 3 main reasons why I think

Hip-Hop has changed in a more cruel and negative way in the past 10 years.

One is, how Rap and Hip-Hop music videos show a great amount of violence and

sexual scenes towards each other, especially when it comes to race and sex. Women in

videos, like; Juvenile s Back That Azz Up , represent them in a whore matter, which

show young women in thongs, very tight and short, and sensual clothing. Also more sex

or rape is shown videos, like; Three Six Mafia s Tear Da Club Up . In the early


years we saw videos of how homeboys hang out together, their simple of difficult lives,

and their pimping situations. If a child sees these views from a rappers views and it s

lyrics, the child will have a greater chance to grow up to be violent or aggressive with in

his life and others.

The other is, how the Hip-Hop groups or solos represent their hate or/and believes

through their names. For example, Ghost Face Killah, Bounty Killa, and Masta Killa.

These names represent hate through killing and other through disctruction and drugs in

their lives. Not only some of these show negative influence through their names but also

through their lyrics in which give messages that a child could take seriously or

personally. DMX s What s My Name gives a negative message through this vers of the

song, What I do is say bye bye, and the pop the nigga in the right eye! . This gives the

idea to shoot someone whenever you feel like doing so. I would not like my child to hear

this and for him to then kill someone just because he felt like doing it.

Common, a famous rapper, said Hip-Hop was created out of love- a love for a culture

and people. We gotta get back to that , but in his songs the lyrics say things about women

to be better known as bitches and hoes, and the hate for other Hip-Hoppers.

Another one is, how each Hip-Hopper shows hate to others, just because they are

MC, starters, famous of just pure haters. They dedicate songs to them and giving


violent messages to each other from songs like F**k 2Pac by Mobb Deep, and F**k

Nas by Common. Furthermore, not only are these Hip-Hoppers showing hate towars


collegues but also to the opposite sex. All Dirty Hoes Suck D**k by Three Six Mafia,

mention how dirty women are and how pleased they are for men to bone them every

night. From one to another they express themselves to show their emotions, but

unfortunally the innocent are the ones that find these lyrics clueless and encounter

themselves in a positive influence by these lyrics.

Hip-Hop has changed lives from bad to good and from good to bad, but

something I do realize and know is that Hip-Hop give us a more of better view of our

lives in 10 years from now. Still some rappers give messages that are expressed by other

people s views. Will Smith, LL Cool J, Missy Elliot, Eve, Tribe Called Quest, etc, have

shown how well determine they are to influence Hip-Hop s culture to the world of music

It the beginning there was culture and till this day we still see it, but through out

time there was a great change in Hip-Hop. Everyone has the freedom to express what s in

their mind, whether through actions, music, poetry, anger, love, or behavior, but in my

expressions there is believes that freedom should be expressed trhough positive

influences and not negative ones. I do believe Hip-Hop is culture, and culture will stay



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