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Kelly Slater Essay, Research Paper

Kelly Slater

Robert Kelly Hell Slater was born on February 11, 1972, in Coca Beach, Florida. Kelly has 2 brothers, older brother Sean, owns his own board-shaping business, and younger brother Stephen, who is the USA East Coast Longboard champion. Kelly also has a six-year-old daughter, Taylor.

Not only is Kelly the best surfer in the world, he also is a great actor, and model. Kelly co-stared in the TV series Baywatch, in 1992-93. He did some modeling for Gianni Versace, which can be found in Esquire, and also for Vogue, in 1997.

Kelly has broken the World title record, of four consecutive 1st place winnings, with 5 consecutive 1st place winnings in a row; 1992, 94, 95, 96, 97, and 98. He is known for his endless repertoire of futuristic moves, power, speed, and precision. Kelly s wave preferences are 6-8 , offshore and barreling. His favorite breaks are Backdoor Pipeline and Kirria.

Kelly reached the point of his professional surfing in 1998, traveling higher than any surfer in the history of the sport when he reached his record sixth world title. His homerun for the title at Pipeline in epic waves was one of the greatest moments in pro surfing. His break from full-time competition in 1999 is well earned.

Many people are confused about what Kelly Slater s in put to surfing is at this point. I ve been feeling a lot less competitively driven for a while now, I actually contemplated taking a break form the 1997 competition but the goal of beating the world title record was definitely something to keep going for, which I m stoked that I have done. But I ve been wanting to run my own life for a while and not have it run by competition. I m hoping that a year off to do a few of the things that I personally

want to do will give me more inspiration to come back motivated when I jump back on tour. Said Kelly in a press release article on January 22, 1999.

During all the competition, Kelly started a band, which consists of 3 members; Kelly on guitar, Rob Machado on bass, and Peter King on drums, they are The SURFERS.

Kelly also co-produce a documentary film on surfing, called In God s Hands. In God s Hands, is the story of three young surfers seeking out the globe s most exotic and dangerous surf spots. Their travels take then to Madagascar, Bali and Hawaii. Always seeking the ultimate wave, a 40-foot force of nature that travels the speed of 35 miles per hour, one of the surfers gets his wish when e finally finds this wave. Tragically, he dies while trying to surf it, His best friend flies across the Pacific Ocean in order to surf the same wave in Mexico that killed his friend. The documentary was awesome.

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