Matrix Essay Research Paper The Matrix is

Matrix Essay, Research Paper

The Matrix is a Perfect Movie for the 21st Century

The Matrix has found many fans since the release of the movie on March 31, 1999.

The Matrix is based on a scientific theory that we are being run by computer programs.

The computer program allows people inside the matrix to do anything they would like to

do. In the opening sequence of the movie, it shows Trinity jumping across buildings that

are separated by large streets in a highly populated town. Trinity is being chased by

undercover officers that are out to get her and the matrix.

The Matrix really starts to get exciting when Neo takes the red pill that will help

him get into the matrix. Neo has to go through several tests on his brain to find out how

he will react to the matrix. Once Neo takes the pill, the action begins. He then gets

trained by Morpheus and then goes into the matrix.

The matrix has many different meanings. The matrix is like a dream state. A

person is not in the real world, yet is inside a computer program. A lot of people have

different opinions on exactly what the matrix is after viewing the movie. Bret Polish stated

in a movie review that the movie was how our reality is a mere virtual reality used to

cover up a future controlled by machines (1). Another movie reviewer for stated that it would be better to watch the movie than read a review

that tells some of the storyline.

The movie shows many views on how technology is increasing for the 21st

century. The whole movie is based around one computer program, which is called the

matrix. Computers are becoming popular in the new century. Almost everywhere in the

world, a computer is somewhere around. Many new films are becoming more popular by

using new computer technology while filming. If anyone asked actors twenty years ago if

they thought that some of the visual stunts that are done today were possible, the majority

would probably have said no.

The Matrix stars Keanu Reeves as Neo, a computer technician, Laurence

Fishburne as Morpheus, the leader of the matrix, and Carrie-Ann Moss as Trinity, the one

chosen to help Neo fight. Together, these three stars make the movie an action-packed

thriller. Every character has their own unique characteristics. Morpheus is the leader of

the movie. He is in the movie in order to find the one, or the person who is able to do

everything while in the matrix.

The one aspect that puts the film into a class of its own is the special effects.

There were a lot of special effects that have never been shown in another film. During one

of the scenes, Neo is fighting someone on the top of a building. During this shot, Neo is

shown dodging bullets while the camera is rotating 360 degrees. The speed of the film is

also slowed down to enable the audience to see the actual bullets whizzing past him.

Animal Logics helped both of the producers during many of the 3D scenes. Examples of

the 3D scenes include the opening sequence, the gun that shoots lightning, and the

corridor of codes.

The filming of the movie took 10 months. Much of this time was spent filming the

kung-fu scenes. The actors had to learn kung-fu in less than 3 months to do many of the

stunts that were required for the filming of the movie. Kung-fu was used during several

scenes. Neo is shown going through a rigorous kung-fu training session. During the

whole scene he is learning his superhuman strengths before going out and fighting.

Trinity is a girl who helps Neo. Many movies these days are mostly composed of

men. Even though this is all right in most movies, it added a lot to the overall plot.

Carrie-Ann Moss showed that she is an actress who deserves a lot more attention than she

got before.

The storyline for The Matrix was perfect. The whole movie lasts around two

hours and fifteen minutes. Many movies these days are set between an hour and a half and

two hours. The movie was a perfect length for any moviegoer. There are no slow parts.

Action is always waiting around the corner of the next scene.

Many people say that there is too much action and not enough storyline. I believe

that the movie is perfect. I thought that there was both enough action and storyline. The

understanding of what exactly is the matrix is hard to catch the first time while viewing the

movie. I have viewed the movie over ten times and I always catch something that was

missed during one of the other viewings. The storyline reminds me of a Quentin Tarantino

movie, due to the confusion. One of the most confusing parts of The Matrix is trying to

figure out exactly what the matrix is. The story behind the matrix is told in pieces and

while watching the movie they all fit together forming the confusing, yet powerful matrix.


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