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Women Sufferage Essay, Research Paper

History Essay

During the last 4 months, I?ve studied a lot about Canadian history and come across many great historical events that have shaped Canadian identity. The two most defining moments between the years 1900 to 2000 were women?s suffrage which was an issue to determine if women should have the right to vote or not. The other defining moment for Canada was Expo 67, which was the most successful worlds fair in history.

Women?s suffrage was a defining moment for Canada between the years 1900 and 1929. Expo 67 was a defining moment for Canada between the years 1945 to 1967. The right to vote for women was the main subject in women?s suffrage. Expo 67 was a time for celebrating for Canada and doubtable the happiest time of the century for all Canadians.

Women?s suffrage was a defining moment for Canada because women made up approximately half the Canadian population. By giving them the right to vote, it allowed Canada to be a more democratic country. Women getting the right to vote had a huge impact on the election of 1917 because women who were married to soldiers in the war could vote because of the War time Elections Act. It was also a big step for women to get involved more in the society during World War 1. In addition, the women contributed in the war effort a lot by making the products sent over seas to our soldiers, who had left their jobs to fight for their country in World War 1. This also was creating other opportunities for the women to get involved with society by taking the men?s places in the factories.

Expo 67 was a defining moment for Canada because it made the whole world notice how good Canada really was and is today. Expo also put Canada on the map as a successful country by hosting the biggest word?s fair in history. It also showed the world that both the English and French could work together in a major project like Expo 67. This experience of both the English and the French working together could also result in making more bigger and better projects in Canada. Last but not least, Expo told everyone that Canada was a great and beautiful place to visit and it made more and more people wanting to visit the country, and see Canada first hand.

Many people will argue with me that D-Day, which was a battle that Canada fought in the war, or Vimy Ridge, which was a battle Canada won in World War 1, was a better historical event than Expo 67. However, I say ?no?, because you see Expo 67 didn?t kill innocent soldiers and did not tear families by killing their loved ones. However, Expo 67 was a celebrating time Canada and our country was the international focus at that time. However, D-Day or Vimy Ridge, which was wartime and Expo 67, was a good time for all Canadians.

Between the years 1900-1945, women?s suffrage was the most defining moment for Canada. It bought a lot of change in how women lived their lives in the society. After 1945, Expo 67 was the most defining moment for Canada. This changed Canadians indenity and Canada was on the World stage. The Women of Canada made up half if not more than half of the Canadian population so by letting them getting the right to vote would make Canada a more democratic country. Expo 67 put Canada on the map as a successful country and they did this by working together and being successful. This event effects us, because many tourists come here and see our country. The reason for this is because the world went out to see Expo in 1967 and found out that what a great country Canada was. Now Canada is one of the most famous places to visit because there are many great things to see here.


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