Summer Dresses Essay Research Paper The Girls

Summer Dresses Essay, Research Paper

?The Girls in the Summer Dresses?, by Irwin Shaw is a story told in a dramatic narration point of view. Throughout the story the husband and wife walk the streets of New York City, and have true life-like husband and wife conversations about everything from their relationship to their surroundings. Dramatic narration is straightforward and often reads like a news story. Frances, who is the wife, is upset at her husband Michael for eyeing every beautiful girl that walked by her. For example, ?I try not to notice it,? Frances said,? but I feel rotten inside, in my stomach, when we pass a woman and you look at her and I see the look in your eye and that?s the way you looked at me the first time. This story is genuinely real and easy to understand because the story never seems to get off the track of the main point of the story. The authors choice of words and tone of voice in describing the action are the clues that tells us what is going on in the characters mind and hearts. The point of view in the story is slightly altered at the end when Frances asked Michael if he wanted her to call the Stevensons house, which is in the country. Michael said sure even though at the beginning of the story they both showed they had no desire at all to be with the Stevensons?s. The only reason I believe Frances mentioned this is because she was sick of Michael looking at other girls in the city.

?The Haircut?, by Ring Lardner is a story told in first person that is narrated by a guy that owns a barbershop. You can tell this story is first person easily because a character within it tells the story. Also throughout the story the author uses the pronouns ?I? and ?me?. The narrator is also the central character in the action. This story is mainly about a guy named Jim, who was a real prankster. The narrator, who owns the barbershop, would talk about the things Jim would do. For example, ?I guess he paid more attention to playin jokes than makin? sales. Finally the concern let him out and he come right home here and told everybody he?d been fired instead of sayin he?d resigned like most fellas would of. The point of view affects this story in a way that the narrator shows great respect for Jim throughout the story, even though Jim is not a very respectable guy.

?The Story of an Hour?, by Kate Chopin is told in a third person point of view. In this story you can feel the pain and feelings of the story?s main character Mrs. Mallard. She is deeply saddened and crushed by the new of her husband being killed in a railroad accident.? She sat with her head thrown back at the cushion of her chair, quite motionless, except when a sob came up into her throat and shook her.? In this story, which is third person point of view, the narrator reveals the thoughts and feeling of the main character only. Throughout the story Mrs. Mallard is grieving the loss of her husband. She seems like she will be a lost person without her husband. ?She knew that she would weep again when she saw the kind, tender hands folded in death; the face that had never looked save with love upon her, fixed and gray and dead.? She is a mess throughout the story, and at the end she heard her house door open and it was her husband, who was well and alive. When she saw him she died of a heart attack, which as stated in the story said she died of heart disease a joy that kills. If this story were done in a first point of view the reader would most likely get a better understanding on how Mrs. Mallard felt through her words


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