– The King Of Elements Essay, Research Paper

When you look at the periodic table, you see a lot of letters, some numbers, different

colors, and areas divided into rows and sections. There is one element on the periodic

table that stands out above and beyond others, an element you should be greatful for it’s

discovery! That element, of course, being the one and only atomic number 6 Carbon!

Now, you might be asking yourself what is so special about Carbon? I don’t even know

what it does let alone it’s importance to us! However, through out this essay, I will prove

to you just why Carbon is the king of elements!

Here we are with such a tremendous element, millions and millions of years later

from the date it was discovered. We are using Carbon here, there, and everywhere, and

have yet to figure out who discovered it! That’s right! We have no idea who, what, when,

where, why, and how it was discovered. All that is known is that letter C on the periodic

table was from prehistoric times! We do know one thing, though and that being Carbon

gets its name from the Latin word “Carbo” or better known to us as charcoal. So, the

mystery of the disovery of Carbon remains just that, a mystery!

Carbon is a natural element. It in abundance in the stars, comets, and atmospheres

of most planets. It is also found as graphite and diamonds. Graphite is found in many

places through out the world. Grapnite is extremely easy to find. Diamonds are mostly

found through out Africa and deep within the oceans. Now you might be asking yourself

how Carbon could be something so soft and yet something so hard naturally. Well, it’s

simple. It’s all about the arrangement of the atoms within the element. Carbon, because

of this, could be the hardest thing in nature and one of the softest. Carbon is also found in

our bodies because in some way or another it makes up 16% of you! As you can tell it is

quite the useful and common element!

Giving us positive charges at 6 protons, neutral charges at 6 nuetrons, and negative

charges at 10 electrons, Carbon comes at us with an atomic mass of 12! It has a high

boiling point, which is 5100| Kelvin! That’s quite hot. It also has melting point of 3820| K!

And we can’t forget the density with a wonderul 2260 Kg! And well it has all these

numbers in it, it also showcases it’s own family, the Carbon family! Not bad for one simple


I can almost assure you that you you didn’t know a lot of things about Carbon and

how much it relates to us and our everyday life! Did you know Carbon is the bases of all

life form? How about the fact that you eat Carbon? Everytime you eat something with

carbohydrates, you’re placing more and more Carbon into your body! I bet you didn’t

know the surface of the red planet, Mars, is 96.7% Carbon, did you? That’s a huge

precent! What would your life be like if you couldn’t wear perfume? If you couldn’t shine

up those new shoes of yours? Couldn’t wear nylons? Carbon is an indispensable source

of such varied everyday products as nylon and petrol, perfume and plastics, shoe polish,

DDT and TNT. Now that’s just a couple examples of how the King of Elements takes


In conclusion, as you can tell from my following essay, Carbon really and truly did earn

it’s name as the King of Elements. It is a very key part of our life and lets face it, with out

Carbon there wouldn’t be too much life going on around this planet!


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