– Bresson Essay, Research Paper

One of

this century?s icons in photography Henri-Cartier Bresson, thought to be the

Father of modern day Street Photography, transformed the field through his

concept of ?the decisive moment.? He defined it as ?the simultaneous

recognition in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well

as a precise organization of forms that give that event its proper

expression.? In other words, the dramatic climax of a picture where everything

falls perfectly into place. Bresson?s photographs excel in composition without

cropping his negatives, he had a unique ability to capture the fleeting moment

in which the subject?s significance is revealed in form, content, and

expression. Cartier-Bresson utilizes a Leica 35 Midtown Mediation camera, in

fact, he popularized this small, portable camera. The general format that he

incorporates is black and white silver gelatin in 11? x 14? and 16? x

20? sizes. The photograph, ?Behind the Gare St. Lazare?, 1932, a man

jumping through a puddle, shows the French photographer?s ability to catch the

moment in which an event is about to take place. This picture is one of

intensity and depth, it brings out his creativity and ability as a photographer.

The contrasts of light-to-dark and dark-to-light is brought about all throughout

the image. His ability of self-expression and compassion for his artwork, is

what makes this photograph so full of life and passion. The style of the picture

is smooth, and soft, yet at some angles it looks harsh and full of shadows. It

brings out the complexities and intricacies that a photographer has to go

through in order to achieve such a perfect picture. He also makes popular the

saying ?being at the right place at the right time,? because this is just

what this photograph demonstrates. It also catches the attention of any viewer,

just in the simple way the man is literally above the ground jumping over the

puddle, it?s an amazement to any eye. The sense of shadowing that pertrude

throughout the image, is in itself a great accomplishment. Bresson captivated

his audiences through his marvelous works, he captured the essential quality and

fineness of an object and multiplied it by 3. Cartier-Bresson was, and is an

incredible photographer that still fascinates and enchants his audiences with

such great works.


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