Summary Of Brian B Essay Research Paper

Summary Of Brian B Essay, Research Paper

Uniting a country is a difficult task. This is clearly displayed in Morgan Llywelyn?s

novel, Brian Boru- Emperor of the Irish. This novel is the journey of a young boy to

manhood; however, it is solidified by his constant battle to unite all of the people of

Ireland under one king. It begins when Brian is a boy known as Brian mac Kennedy.

His father is the leader of the Dalcassian tribe. Brian had many brothers but his favorite

was Mahon, his oldest brother. As a child Brian loved to listen to the stories of the great

kings of old Ireland. Yet despite his great interest in kings and his kingly appearance

Brian was the youngest brother and it was virtually impossible for him to become king.

Brian loved his mother Bebinn dearly, the author says of bebinn ?She was home; she

was the heart of his world?. Brian also felt strongly towards the guardian of their

village, Aval, he brings offerings to the banshee and talks to her constantly. Though

Brian?s life is good there is a constant threat of invasion by the foreigners. One day the

worst of the village?s fears comes true when the Danes invaded. Brian and two of his

brothers were away during the invasion, as was his father. However, Bebinn, Brian?s

mother and ?the heart of his world? was slaughtered. Upon the return of Kennedy,

Brian?s father, Brian was sent away to a monastic school to be educated.

After arriving at the monastic school Brian was eager to learn the arts of battle.

However, the abbot said that that was not the Christian way, and instead introduced the

boy into studying music, mathematics, and languages. His favorite subject was history,

it was filled with war stories and by studying it he learned how great victories had been

won in the past. Brian felt that by learning this he would know how to defeat the

Vikings that had killed his mother. He soon began to train himself with weapons made

of wood. He learned with both his right hand and his left hand. At the beginning of

Brian?s second year at the school news came of his father?s death. Devastated by this

Brian vowed to kill the Vikings and Callahan of Munster who killed his father.

In his 16th year Brian?s schooling had ended. His brother sent word that he was

old enough to take up weapons and be with the tribe to fight. The abbot argued saying

?This lad has a fine mind, too good to be split open with an ax?. However, Brian

returned to his brother. After his homecoming Brian?s courage against bullies gained

him the nickname the ?Lion of Thomond?. He had endless ideas to help his brother

defeat the Danes, but after a short time with his brother conflict arose between the two.

Mahon believed that Brian was trying to take leadership from him, Brian split from the

tribe taking some loyal warriors with him. He had gained almost sixty followers in all.

Brian was a different kind of leader, he walked with his men instead of riding

above them, and he began to teach the men strategy in battle. After defeating the

Vikings in battle several times Brian was losing men. He turned to a nearby tribe, which

he believed he could persuade to give him men to battle. However, when he arrived the

leader of the tribe offered him marriage to one of his daughters. Brian fell in love

instantly and could not refuse. He married her and had his first son, named Murcha.

Brian and his brother Mahon re-united after Mahon declared himself king of Munster to

conquer the Danes. Brian was in charge of the war. When it came time to battle Brian

walked first alone, a foot taller than all other men, leading his army. They defeated the

Danes. Later during the continuing campaigns against the Danes Brian?s wife died.

After that Mahon was brutally murdered on his way to a conference. Brian assumed the

position his brother once held as Prince of Thomond and continued to defeat every

enemy he encountered. He also realized that the foreigners could not be expelled from

the country and that they were in fact Irishmen like the rest of them and they too had

to be united with the Irish. Brian?s son Murcha was angry with his father for treating

him ?unfairly?, and his feelings of resentment for Brian grew. They came to a pinochle

when Brian announced that he would re marry, Murcha ran away. Brian had to go to

war with the Kingdom of Limerick, led by Donnal. He easily defeated them, however the

war sparked Donnal?s sister Gormla?s attention in Brian Boru. Gormla eventually married

the new high king, Malachy, Brian?s goal. Brian went on to many battles; during this

time Malachy divorced Gormla. Soon after Brian married her in order to keep peace

with her son?s kingdom. Brian finally felt it was time to take the high kingship. He used

strategy to form a huge army and managed to obtain the crown without bloodshed.

When he was crowned the stone of Fal cried out across Ireland symbolizing the true

king was on the throne. Brian maintained peace for 10 years and improved living in

Ireland greatly. He built schools and unified tribes all over. But then a large amount of

foreign Vikings got ready to challenge him for the crown. Their army was humongous

and the King was getting old. However, now reunited with his oldest son Murcha, Brian

began to plan his battle. Murcha led the king?s people to battle along with his first son.

Brian watched as his son and grandson fought gallantly to defeat the Vikings. But he

was also watching when his son?s unit was cut down and his first son was killed. He

found his grandson later. Shortly after that the only surviving opposing leader

wandering through the forest stumbles upon the tent of the great Brian Boru, neither of

the men will make it through the night. That evening after the victory, all of the Irish

voices mixed with the voices of the loyal Danes joined in chanting the name of their

hero. They chanted ?Boru, Boru, BORU?

brian boru by morgan llywelyn


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