Dennis Rodman Essay Research Paper

Dennis Rodman Essay, Research Paper

– Bad as I Wanna Be — ~Dennis Rodman~ Dennis Rodman is a man who has many weird sides. In his autobiography Bad as I

wanna Be he tells about the way he dresses, what he does to his body, and how he acts. When he was traded from Detroit

to San Antonio, something inside of him changed; he wasn?t being what he wanted to be. The inside Dennis was being held

back by the one on the outside. As the inside Dennis got out major changes began to happen in his personality. The

strangest changes, however, occurred on his physical appearance. Dennis?s physical appearance is the most bizarre thing

about him. To express his creative side Dennis, dyes his hair multi-colors and has pierced himself in the nose, ears, and

bellybutton. ?Dennis is the most colorful person I know?(159). Besides all the things he does to his body he is relatively

healthy for a thirty-six year old. His personality, on the other hand is slightly less insane. Dennis is a man of many faces. On

the court he is an aggressive, decorated and brash player. Off the court, however, he is a fun-loving mischievous person.

Depending on his mood Dennis can be extravagant or he can be outlandish. For example he has a show on MTV called

?The Rodman World Tour? in which he is video taped while doing whatever David Allen Grier has planned for him. For many

people it is an amusing but for others it is absurd. ?Dennis has an amazing and bizarre personality?(206). Meanwhile

,Dennis?s behavior has gone wild. Dennis is a rude and obnoxious basketball player. He acts crazy out on the court and off

the court too. He?ll cuss people out and have wild parties. Despite being in his mid-thirties, Dennis still acts like a child at

times. He?ll throw temper-tantrums and kick unsuspecting TV reporters for no apparent reason. ?He has the worst

attitude I have ever seen?(181) He truly is a strange human being. At the end of autobiography Dennis, explains why he

chose to be this way. He never had much and when he did he couldn?t do much with it. He went from a zero to a hero just

because of basketball. He made it because of one thing; he could rebound a basketball. After leaving his past behind, he has

a new life now : a rich and famous one.


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