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Lincoln Essay Research Paper Abraham Lincoln based

Lincoln Essay, Research Paper

Abraham Lincoln, based on facts in “The Assassination, Death of the President”, by Champ Clark, was one of America?s greatest President?s ever. Throughout this book, Lincoln?s life was told with great detail as well as the lives of all the other people that were explained. Also, the events that took place were presented by in depth information and impressing pictures.

In the beginning of “The Assassination, Death of the President”, Clark opened it up by telling of how Lincoln had a haunting dream of attending his own funeral. The perfect use of wording in this chapter alone really brings the attention to the reader. The beginning chapter also brings on a haunting emotion that also absorbs the reader. The introduction and practical biography of John Wilkes Booth and many other historical figures also helps to make a smooth advancement to the events that were to occur.

The depth of factual dialogue that Clark included in this book was amazing. What was amazing about this was that there were such a vast amount of witnesses that saw things that went on during this period of time. It was unbelievable on the amount of information that Clark was able to gather. He pretty much left no mystery in the majority of important events that happened. The great explanation of what happened enabled the reader to almost go back and be able to picture exactly what was happening.

One last note is on Champ Clark?s use of very interesting pictures which allowed the reader to obtain a great train of thought about what was going on and what the people, who were involved, looked like and how they acted. The many pictures of places where events had occurred came across as being the most interesting. The pictures that were among the most amazing were those that showed the conspirators, who had participated in the assassination of President Lincoln, being hung. It was amazing that the quality was so intact. You were really able to focus on the main theme of the picture as well as find other little details that were occurring.

So, even though the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln was a tragic time in the history of the United States, Champ Clark?s presentation of the information in “The Assassination, Death of the President” really “transformed” this historical event into a more positive aspect. With this presentation, there is more than just the fact that Lincoln had been assassinated. The depth of the information encourages the reader to wonder about the events that occurred both before and after the assassination