Comparison Between Dawson

’s Creek And Felicity Essay, Research Paper

Dawson Leery is A 16-year-old boy coming of age in a small New England town, and Felicity Porter is 18-year-old college sophomore trying to find herself while she is attending New York University in New York City. Although it might seem that the lives of these two people are half a world away they are actually the title characters of two shows that air on the Warner Brothers Network. The shows Dawson s Creek and Felicity share similarities in programming techniques, lead characters, and relationship storylines

Dawson s Creek and Felicity share similarities in programming techniques to cater to an exploding youth market. Dawson s Creek , which currently airs at 8pm on Wednesday, is one the highest rated shows airing on the Warner Brothers network. The shows success is mainly due to the creative way of displaying the trial and tribulations of adolescence, with soap opera storylines, dashed with a vocabulary that could only be achieved by attending an Ivy League school, and an attractive cast. Before its premiere Dawson s Creek had a large nation campaign that consisted of television, newspaper, magazine, and billboard ads. Due to the ad campaign the show has become a global success being showing around the world in several different languages.

Felicity currently airs on the Warner Brother Network at 8pm on Sunday. Felicity like Dawson s Creek is a very successful program, winning a Golden Globe award for lead actress Keri Russell in her portrayal of title character Felicity Porter. The shows main premise is being out on your own for the first time and having no one to cling to but strangers who become your friends and has made Felicity not only hit home with teenagers but also with young adults. In their freshman season, Felicity and Dawson s Creek aired at 9:00 P.M on Tuesday and was lead in by cult favorite Buffy, the Vampire Slayer for a boost in ratings.

Similarities were also evident between the two shows leading characters, Dawson Leery and Felicity Porter. The titles Dawson s Creek and Felicity both include the lead characters first names. Dawson, whose idol is Steven Spilburge, wants to become a famous filmmaker and has recently finished making his second movie Creek Daze . The success of Dawson s Creek has made James Van Der Beek, who portrays the title role, not only become a recognizable and very popular star, but also a teen heart throb. Felicity, who is currently attending New York University, also has a passion for the arts. She recently changed her major from pre-med. to art. The success of Felicity has raised the star power of the actress of the title role, Keri Russell, who before her role as felicity was best know as a Mousekteer on the Mickey Mouse Club

Dawson s Creek and Felicity share relationship storylines that are quite parallel to one another. Dawson found himself in the middle and on the losing end of love triangles. While involved with his next door neighbor Jen Lindley Dawson s best friend, Joey Potter was secretly pinning away for him. Felicity has also found herself in the middle on love triangles and on the giving of unrequited love. Felicity was involve with Ben, a boy she barely knew and all the while her Residential advisor, Noel, was pinning away for her and by the time she realized it, Felicity found herself in the middle of a love triangle between Ben and Noel. The shows have shared the same reason for the causes of their break ups. On Dawson s Creek , infidelity caused the relationships between Joey Potter and Dawson Leery as well as friends, Pacey Witter and Andie McPhee to end. Infidelity was also the catalyst to end the relationships for Felicity s Ben and Julie as well as Felicity, herself and Noel Crane .The confidants of both shows share similar life stories. Pacey Witter and Elena Tyler is a best friend to Dawson Leery and Felicity Porter, respectively. Pacey and Elena are both neglected by their fathers and slept with their teachers.

Although it might seem that the similarities between Dawson s Creek and Felicity seem coincidental that are actually reflect the standards in programming techniques, lead character, relationship storylines that have come to be expecting by an exploding teen market.


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