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September 11 Essay Research Paper Tragedy struck

September 11 Essay, Research Paper

Tragedy struck a nation. The date was September 11, 2001, a misfortune that will linger in the memory of few but in the lives of many. Although this calamity took place in America, it falls upon those in all countries, either by account of close proximity or devoted alliance, and they will forever recall this event, registering it forever in their reflection. The nation was hit with the hand of a coward and the conscience of a criminal. The lack of justifiable means only illustrates the poor judgment and abominable taste portrayed by those of foreign descent who decided one day, to take thousands of lives only in order to put their minds at ease. Let me tell you a story…one of existing pain and future adversity.

Three commercial aircraft flights were hijacked and purposefully

crashed into the two towers of the World Trade Center in New York and

another into the Pentagon in Washington D.C. killing thousands. News

stories have shown that Osama Bin Laden planned this attack hiring

terrorists to hurt America. In my visual, I have first chosen to rebuild by

the World Trade Center. The picture is set on a beautiful sunny day with

the skyline of New York that we once knew reset and made more powerful than

ever. There are more towers added to the Trade Center and they are taller

than built originally. After the event, New York bonded. People and

military came from all over and it seemed as though everyone became friends.

All television networks put a form of the American flag as their icon on by

the screen. Celebrities did tribute songs and concerts to raise money for

the nation-there were no longer enemies in the country. Sales of the

American flag went up. Everyone had been touched so deeply that nothing

else seemed to matter anymore. All that was needed was the comfort of

others and knowing that everything would be okay The rebuilt Trade Center

symbolizes our nation’s newfound friendships in each other and proves the

world that Americans can still function just as well, if not stronger, than

before. because

Next is a cartoon of the Statue of Liberty, another famous New York

landmark. She is holding a child, her child in one hand and a gun in the

other. The caption states “the most dangerous place in the world is between

a mother and her children.” This is a more touching visual than the other

ones because it caters more to the mothers out there who lost a child.

There is a special bond between mothers and children. They don’t want

anything to happen to their babies and when something does, they seek

revenge. They turn into different people while protecting the kids. They

don’t care who they hurt or what they have to do to get there. America is

like a child. All of its people are like the mother. We all bonded

together and now seek revenge. The cartoon is showing how we seek revenge

for our country. We will seek and hunt out as long as it takes to find

Osama Bin Laden so that we can feel closure in the event, and most

importantly, make sure it never happens again.

Another picture shown is a version of a “wanted” sign. The country, even

the most of the world wants Bin Laden-dead or alive. As reminders to humor

the situation, t-shirts have been made, posters, cartoons, everything seems

to be linked to the hunt of Bin Laden. You cant walk into a store without

seeing something to remind you of the event. All is being done to show and

let him know to be scared and that America is after him.

Next is a cartoon of the terrorists on an airplane with their hands up and

scared because every person around them has guns pointed at their face.

This cartoon is telling us that if we were allowed to carry guns, this never

would have happened because box cutters wouldn’t threaten people. I really

liked this cartoon because it rhetorically proves the citizens out there who

are anti-gun that we should be able to have them to avoid situations like


Now we have come to Homer Simpson. With a flag behind him and Osama Bin

Laden at the end of a gun barrel, the respected and very popular cartoon

character put America at ease. It is our way of bringing humor to the


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