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Eminem Guilty Conscience Analysis And Evaluation

Essay, Research Paper

Guilty Conscience


The first part of the song is about Eddie who is a twenty-three year old man who is having problems and figures he can get money if he robs the liquor store his problems will be solved, but then he has second thought right before robbing it. Now his good conscience, which is Dre, makes Eddie think bout what will happen if he does rob the store and how much trouble he s going to get in if he does it. Now his bad conscience, which is Eminem, tells him to just go through with it you won t get caught because, you will use your aunt as an alibi. The next verse that Dre raps means that if he actually does it since the store clerk probably knows almost everyone in the neighborhood she will tell on you, and you will get caught. Then Eminem goes on about is her life important, because you can just kill her if your man enough to live with the fact that you killed her. It all revolves around the money that you need when you can get it form a better way if you had a job. So finally Eddie realizes Dre is right and doesn t rob the liquor store which was a good idea because he would have gotten busted one way or another.

Next, the second part is about Stan who is twenty-one and takes advantage of some young fifteen-year-old. He figures if she is drunk and on the drug that makes you not remember any, then who cares what happens because she will never see you again. While them two are making out his conscience comes back into and they argue about since she s only fifteen and why take advantage over her. Which in turn does happen because there both all drunk and who knows what else there on. Then like the first one it all ends in about raping the girl and if he gets caught he will end up in jail.

Finally, the last part of the song is about Brady who is twenty-nine and finds his wife cheating on him. His wife cheats on him and he is thinking of what to do if he should let it slide or what, because they have a baby and they don t want to end up having a dysfunctional family over this. Eminem keeps on going on about killing her or doing something bad to her while Dre is more calm and relaxed over this, but in turn Brady s conscience just starts fighting each other like the angel and the devil.


I have mixed feelings on this piece by Eminem. Some of the things I do agree with and some of the things I don t. Like taking advantage of someone when they don’t even know what is going on isn’t quite fun because when you have sex you usually want it to be a two-way thing not just a one-way thing. Now as for the first part of the song I mean yea I can understand stealing if you need to, but not because your just having some problems at that moment then stealing is wrong. If you have to steal to survive then I can understand it, but it still isn’t right though stealing is bad. Now as for the last part of the song I wouldn t have wanted to go to the extremes as of killing her or slitting her throat, but a definite divorce will be necessary. I couldn t ever trust her sorry excuse for a wife who has to cheat on me while I m at work, but I can understand if we where having problems. We could have talked about it and maybe have separated for awhile to maybe see if there is a hope for us t stay together, but not go behind ones back while they are at work and start sleeping around with other people, because that is wrong. In conclusion this is one of my all time favorite songs, because it has some diverse settings in the song from stealing to date-rapping I guess you can call it, and finally to cheating on your husband.