Transcendentalist Movement Essay Research Paper Terror at

Transcendentalist Movement Essay, Research Paper

Terror at Eerie Mt. ?Go find some twigs to make a splint quickly!?said the

guide Chris, with a low tone. ?Its going to storm, it looks really bad.? he

shouted. ?Listen Dave, I need you to be still and try not think of the

pain.? Chris shrieked. ?Can someone please get me something to soak up the

blood?! Oh my God!? Chris demanded. ?Stop staring!? shouted the bearded

guide. ?Am I going to die?? cried Dave. ?No you wont die!? the guide

screamed. ?He?s going to die, look at that thick puddle of blood. I?ve

never seen that much blood.? The other boys whisper amongst themselves. Just

then, one of the younger boys bends his head over and began vomiting on the

trail, leaving a hot, moist, putrid odor lingering in the air. That began the

misery that nearly ended seven innocent lives on a hiking trip to Eerie

Mountain. This was my first personal proof that there is a God. And that we are

all linked in some way. ?I become a transparent eyeball; I am nothing; I see

all; the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me; I am part or

particle of God. Ralph Waldo Emerson believed in the concept of the Oversoul

which is described as an ultimate spiritual unity encompasses all existence and

in which each human being has an individual share. This idea emphasizes the

belief that we (meaning everything) is connected under God. We as humans

aren?t really individual but a fragment of a whole which he calls Nature.

Henry David Thoreau, who studied the teachings of Emerson celebrates the vivid

beauty of nature in a novel titled Walden, Thoreau spends more than two years on

Emerson?s land to try and discover God in nature and to honor his brother.

Thoreau was mesmerized by a rainbow and it made such an impact on him that he

recorded this event into a chapter titled The Ponds ?Once it chanced that I

stood in the very abutment of a rainbow?s arch, which filled the lower stratum

of the atmosphere, tingling the grass and leaves around, and dazzling me as if I

looked through colored crystal. Emerson was very aware of the virtue of nature

that he makes this comment in the book Nature, ?as the snake his slough, and

at what period soever of life, is always a child. In the woods, is perpetual

youth.? Emerson?s point about the book was, that nature is far more

intricate than the human eye interprets. My experience with nature was similarly

rewarding as was Thoreau?s. Staring down at Dave?s broken hip, and replaying

in my mind the fall he suffered, I can?t deny that I believed he was going to

die. All of a sudden I discovered faith inside of me that I didn?t know I had.

And with this newfound faith I provided some positive energy to the terrorized

children that we accompanied to Eerie Mt. Gawking at Dave?s grimacing

countenance, I myself started to feel nauseous. From that point the presence of

God was never more apparent to me. As we hiked back toward camp, the sun was

slowly crawling back to his cave below the horizon and the shimmering stars

began to appear. The next day we left Eerie Mt. to take Dave to a hospital, I

began to think about the oneness I felt with nature and God that day before.

?It is impossible for a man to be cheated by anyone but himself.? Self

Reliance by Emerson challenges us as a society to be individual, and not worry

about fitting in or winning someone else?s praise. This idea is a perfectly

logical notion. Emerson believed that the world is based on conformity. He

thought that people are too afraid to be themselves and to voice their opinions

and ideas. Emerson thinks we should trust our higher instincts before reverting

back to what would be more acceptable. Self Reliance teaches us to trust

ourselves and to believe that what is inside although not common can still be

admired. This idea of Emersons? demands our society to start questioning

things and developing our own theories. As a child, I was taught to be more

realistic and to not just accept things as they appear. In life I?ve learned

that everyone will try to influence you to believe what they believe. For the

most part, I am a listener, but to those who truly know me, could tell you I

also am a questioner. I try to controvert all beliefs that people tell me and

search for all proof to back those statements up. And usually I notice that they

have no evidence that their convictions are valid. This is maybe perhaps why I

ask lots of question: because too many people believe in the wrong things for

the wrong reasons and I, like Emerson believe that it is actually better to be

different. Whenever I think of the name Ralph Waldo Emerson, the word that comes

to mind is brave. I even compare him to myself in that he is very aware of the

permeation of God. For those who don?t believe in God because of no

?scientific proof? are very blind. Maybe they need to take a vacation to a

forest and witness first-hand the miracle that occur and exist there. Maybe they

need to stare at a rainbow and try to speculate a greater being than God that

could create such an art form. Then maybe the blindfold will fall from their

eyes and let in the light. Another reason for comparing myself to Emerson is

because he thinks for himself and doesn?t take someone else?s word

necessarily. There are a lot of things I do that other people may not approve

of, or do themselves, but whose to say that my way of life isn?t ideal? I

totally support the idea of Self Reliance and I wish everyone could read this

essay and discover the many truths that it contains. Emerson says: stop trying

to be popular and to have support from your peers; don?t believe everything

you come across, if it doesn?t quite make sense, question it. Simple as that.

Believe that your mind is just as functional as everyone else?s. And finally,

concentrate on being the leader, not the follower.


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