How And Why Australia

’s International Relationships Have Changed Through Its Participation In Overseas Conflict. Essay, Research Paper

In this essay I will answer the question- how and why have our(Australia’s) international relationships changed by our participation in overseas conflicts ? The answer to this is that we have had changed international relationships, more independence, it ended Australia’s isolation, it gave greater social rights to women, it affirmed Australia’s alliances with the world powers and most importantly it gave Australia an identity.

Firstly, the international relationships of Australia have been greatly changed due to war. The most prominent of these being the transition from English dependence to American alliance. This took place during World War II when Australia, in need of assistance and finding none from Britain, turned to America. This continued on into Vietnam where Australia’s primary purpose of interest was to support America.

Overseas conflicts have also given Australia more independence. This is shown, amongst other things, in the formations of the ANZAC’s and especially at Gallipoli. Gallipoli, even though it was a failure, showed the world that Australia was a true nation and one made of heroes.

Australia’s isolation was ended during overseas conflicts as we banded with other countries for a common goal This was shown in all wars, especially World War I and II, and it revealed Australia not only to be a valuable ally but also a formidable foe.

Women also benefitted from Australia’s participation in conflicts. This was mostly displayed in World War II as the women had to join the workforce while the men were out fighting the wars. It showed the nation, and even the world, that women were as capable as men in many jobs.

Australia’s alliances, especially America, were displayed greatly towards the end of World War II and in Vietnam. Australia’s alliance with America, one of the world’s major powers, was also a good decision as it provided support from America should Australia need it and vice versa.

Most importantly, though, during overseas conflicts Australia’s identity changed. We stopped being a “child” colony of England and became our own separate country, complete with an international personality of being brave and true heroes. A country any other would be proud to have an alliance and international relationship with.

Therefore, I think that overseas conflicts have helped ascertain Australia from being the “baby” of the modern world, to the technologically and socially advanced country it is today.


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