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The Outsiders Essay Research Paper Chapter FiveSixSeven12

The Outsiders Essay, Research Paper

Chapter Five/Six/Seven

12. Ponyboy liked his hair so much because it looked like Soda s and it also

made him look tuff.

13. Johnny thought that Dally was gallant because Dally just takes what

comes his way. Like when Two Bit broke the school windows and the fuzz

thought it was Dally, Dally just took the rap and never ratted on his friend.

14. Ponyboy understood the way Johnny felt and that was the best way to

emphasize it. I think the poem ment everything must change and that good

and bad doesn t last forever.

15. Ponyboy, Johnny and Soda were the only ones of the gang who

understood things like that and appreciated them.

16. Dear Pony

I don t understand whats going on, but I miss you and I am very sorry

about hitting you the other night. The fuzz is after you and Johnny they think

you guys killed a socs. Is it true? Dally seems to be the only one who knows

what s going on, but you know him, he wont even tell us. Please come home

Ponyboy I miss you.

17. It made things more intense so the Greasers had to walk in groups so

they wouldn t be jumped by the socs.

18. Johnny didn t want to spend his life running from the cops just because

he defended himself.


Juvenile Delinquents

Turn Heroes

Ponyboy Curtis and John Cade were brought into hospitals yesterday

after making an heroic rescue of several young school children in a burning

abandoned church. The police have been looking for these two boys for

about a week because they are wanted for the murder a wealthy boy named

Bob. The two young men were returning to the church they had been hiding

out at when they saw the smoke and all the kids outside. They heard that

there was still some kids in it and they ran inside and heroically rescued

them. Ponyboy is now out of the hospital with non serious burns, but John is

still in the hospital under serious condition. As for the murder charges, they

have been dropped. After talking to John, Ponyboy and friends that Bob was

with at the time, We have come up with this; John and Ponyboy were in a

park during the middle of the night when Bob and several of his friends

arrived in their car, drunk. They were angry because Ponyboy and John were

hanging out with their girlfriend s. They assaulted Ponyboy and John and

tried drowning Ponyboy. John had no choice but to stab Bob which ended

up killing him.

John is currently in hospital, but he lives with his mother and his father

on the east side of the town.

Ponyboy is currently living with his two older brothers since his

parents died in an auto wreck; Sodapop and Darrel. Darrel is is oldest

brother and he is currently working two steady jobs. Sodapop is the

in-between brother an he s working in one job. Their is talk that Sodapop

and Ponyboy may be put in foster homes, but nothing is for certain.

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