Street Crime Investigation Essay Research Paper Street

Street Crime Investigation Essay, Research Paper

Street Crime Investigations

From 1992 to 1996 I was assigned to the 109 precint and the Queens North Task Force in Flushing ,Queens.During this period of time I received numerous hours of formal classroom traihing as well as hands on experience in the field. While assigned in the 109 pct. I worked in the Anti-Crime Unit,QNTF Larceny Unit which is also a street crime unit.This report will demonstrate what I have learned in the street as well as in the classroom.Below I have outlined six topics that will show what i have learned about street crime investigations.

I Crime Pattern Identifications

2. Surveillance

3.Crime Scenes

4.Processing Evidence

5.Identification Process

6.Court Room Testimony

Crime Pattern Identification

By identifying crime patterns I was able to make numerous arrests. I was able to know in which areas that the crimes were taken place. I would check the complaint reports that were taken the previous day and confer with the detective squads in the precincts. This led me to separate the complaints to the following categories:


1-With guns

2-By force


1 -Cornmercial





Once we would establish this we would be able to concentrate on a particular crime


The surveillance technique that we used most was from rooftops and store fronts.What we would do is pick a particular crime and sit in the area that this crime is taken place.For example if we were going to watch for pickpockets, we would enter a bank and get on line and act if we were drawing out of the bank.We would watch people who were acting suspicious.Many pickpockets work with others that are look outs.If we observed this we set up a surviellance and try to catch the perps while they are committing the crime.

Crime scenes

Crime scene

Security is the most important part of the investigation.It is important to remove all unauthorized persons from the scene so thing can he removed or distured.When you first arriave at the scene tape off the entire area with yellow crime scene tape. Start a log of all person who arrive and leave the scene.When possible try to get as many witnesses as you can.Detain the witnesses so that the precinct detectives can question thern,reguarding the investigation.


This is just as important,as the crime scene.Don’t let any unauthorized persons touch the evidence.The chain of custody is very important ,so the evidence is not tainted.An example of that is:


When processing a firearm you should initial the but of the gun.If the wapon doesn’t have a serial number,put a lead seal.Which has a number on it.The weapon is placed in a plastic security bag and sent to the lab for ballistics it can be checked for other crimes.If there is rounds in the weapon you would raark the rounds and place them in a sep&ate envelope.

Identification Process

There are two types of identifications processes that would be used

1-Show up

This done by getting a discription of the alleged perp and notifiy via department radio what crime has been committed and the what clothing that they were wearing.If a person was stopped a radio transmission to the Officer who is with the complaint would be made,so they can drive the complaint to where the alleged perp is for a I.D.If the complaint states the that wasn’t the perp a stop ,question report would be filled out.and the person would be on his or her way.

Courtroom Testimony

This is the final part of the investigation and the most important part of the successful work you have done and the most rewarding part.When testif g you most act in a professional matter and always dress in business attire or in uniform.Never get into a debate with a defence attomey,always answer in a clear voice and direct the answer so that the jury can hear and understand the answer.Try to answer all question,if you don’t remember the answer state you don;t recall


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