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Demetri In Brothers Karamozof Essay Research Paper

Demetri In Brothers Karamozof Essay, Research Paper

The Brothers Karamazov

In the film, The Brothers Karamazov, there was before the viewer a distinct theme concerning how the audience felt towards Demetri, the eldest Karamazov son. Throughout the movie one can trace a tangible pattern of how Demetri is portrayed, the actions they used to achieve this, and the effect it had on the viewer.

As the movie begins, we are introduced to two of the brothers Karamazov, the aforementioned Demetri and his youngest brother Alexey. Immediately, we can detect that they are in some senses polar characters, with Demetri being the gruff, hot-tempered, lustful, and vulgar one, with Alexey being mild mannered, religious, and well spoken. They provide a stark contrast to each other, with their juxtaposition highlighting their traits and personas.

At times the film overtly goes out of its way to show Demetri as bad guy. Within a short amount of time, we re made aware of his financial debts, both to his associates and poker mates, as well as his own father. Not long into the movie, Demetri is thrown into jail. Even more, the movie goes out of its way continue on this theme when younger brother Alexey says you are like Russia, too big and strong, too excitable. In short a conscious effort is made at the movie s beginning to give us this impression of Demetri.

However, as the movie progresses, so does viewer opinion of Demetri. Slowly, one s outlook on Demetri changes, as does the movie s portrayal of him. Perhaps most importantly, we see Demetri the man in love. He for the first time is truly exposed to the audience, his feelings laid out before us. We see he is a man infatuated with Grushenka, yet betrothed to Katerina. His love, initially not repaid by Grushenka, helps us identify with Demetri. What man hasn t felt the pain from being a scorned lover? This viscous love triangle in general makes one feel a little more compassion for Demetri, and, although not completely changing our early feelings, provides a foothold for viewer compassion towards him.

Continuing on this theme, the viewer is surprised to find Zossima, an aged priest called in to settle a dispute between Demetri and his father, bow down before Demetri and kiss his hand. This recognition from a religious figure immediately makes one stand back ponder if this means Demetri really isn t all that bad. Surely, if a man of God bows down to and kisses the hand of someone, he is not all together a lost cause. This helps to plant the seed in the viewer s mind that Demetri is not quite the iniquitous man we once thought.

One line in particular makes one start to come around on Demetri. In the midst of an emotional and intense sequence, Demetri cries out God help me! Upon first hearing this, it truly hit home the magnitude of that line. Something about calling out to God for mercy fully made me see Demetri as someone to root for. This is furthered when, upon entering the pawnshop to exchange some of his possessions for cash, he is asked by the pawnbroker, Are you a murderer? Demetri sincerely asks back, Do I look like a murderer? One can start to see how the viewer has gone from a very poor view of Demetri to slowly coming around and actually starting to internally hope for the best for him.

Above and beyond all the aforementioned, the clincher is when Demetri is wrongfully accused and tried on murder charges. Everyone in the audience knows he did not kill his father, and is appalled he would be tried as such. As the prosecution paints him more and more as the killer, the viewer becomes dismayed at the lack of justice and upset on Demetri s behalf. Indeed, we see ourselves hoping for the best for him. What a stark contrast to our original opinion.

In the end, things come full circle when Demetri ends the movie in heroic fashion he gets the girl, escapes those chasing him, and leaves us with a smile on his face. He even makes amends with the man whom he insulted in front of his son. He takes the time to send these apologies even though he is being hotly pursued and this act jeopardizes his safety.

In conclusion, a viewer sits in his chair at film s conclusion with a smile on his face, happy things worked out for Demetri. What a stark change from our negative feeling of him at the beginning. Demetri s character truly comes full circle in the minds of viewers.

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