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During The Time Leading Up To World

War Ii Essay, Research Paper

During the time leading up to World War II, there were two leaders who were on rival sides, the men were Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin. These men were each dominate in their rise to power. These two leaders were similar in the ways that they achieved their objectives. Their success was mostly identified by their new ideas and strong political stances. Though Hitler and Stalin couldn t stand each other, the two leaders were similar in many ways. Hitler and Stalin became the dictators of their respective motherland, and achieved their goals through three motives. Both were skilled users of propaganda, each was immoral, and they both had the dream to make their countries super powers of the world.

Since each was a skilled user of propaganda, they could use their words to twist and manipulate the minds of people into believing what they were saying was the truth. Using this power, they would get people to do anything for them, which proved their immorality. The names Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin are nearly identical with the word propaganda. Hitler and Stalin each used propaganda as their tool to advance their ideas and help them gain the support of the people in their countries. The type of propaganda that Hitler used was his words. Hitler made many speeches that motivated thousands to follow his ideals. For example the creation of the Nazi party was due to the efficient use of propaganda by Hitler. On the other hand Joseph Stalin was not as obvious with his uses of propaganda. Stalin often claimed that he was simply telling people what they wanted to hear. Since Hitler and Stalin were able to manipulate people with their propaganda, they could convince people of just about anything. This confirms them to be immoral. Both would do anything to further their cause, with no senses for what they had done or whom they had hurt.

These two dictators had many differences that set them apart from one another. Hitler mission was to annihilate all other races and let his people rule the world. Where Stalin was out to become the super power of the world. A major difference between the two dictators was that Hitler was a killer who used the holocaust to kill his opponents while Stalin was a dictator that used his military force to over through smaller vulnerable nations. They had strong ideals that set them apart and led to a very cruel act done by the Nazi s after agreeing with the Soviets that they would allow the Germans to invade Poland in exchange for Hitler s promise to not invade USSR. Yet in June 1941 when the Nazis launched Operation Barbarossa against the USSR it led to the Soviets first largest loss, which was a major attack that further restricted the two nations for alliance. Though the differences was apparent the two nations today have been torn apart by the United States to help stop any further wars.

The comparisons between the two dictators were examples that described the similarities that leaders take when they want a goal achieved ant any cost. The contrasts make the issue simpler to see that both men couldn t trust anyone since their goals and objectives were so large no one could be trusted in the times they existed. It is simple to say now that these men were among the cruelest in history. Both were in the same pursuit but used different methods and ideology to achieve their ultimate goals.