Family Values Essay Research Paper Family

Family Values Essay, Research Paper

Family Value

Have the morals we once cherished, been tarnished? In the new day of our technologically advanced age , are we letting our moral obligations down . Are the standards of society plunging into an abyss .

I for one am shocked at how deteriorated our morals have become . Walking around Sandton City , I see fourteen year old daughters in tight short mini-dresses ,smoking cigarettes trying to impress their black lipsticked friends . They wear black leather boots that come to knee height and boost their sliver studded faces an extra four centimeters . As they look into mirrors, they see what was the face of an innocence . They look in their blue eyes surrounded by black eye liner and would laugh at this sight , but rather suppress the out burst of youth and innocence by lighting up another death stick . They try to convince themselves that the world is really is against them . Were has the destruction of youth come from?

I listen to the radio and they are playing a world wide hit of a woman coughing up the words I hate you and another lyric sung by Puff Daddy about how he smoked some nigger who entered his turf . This is just music , it can not affect our sociaty .

Suddenly the uncontrollable wheezing stops been blurted out of the radio and they start to announce the news . A voice rings out of the radio saying GIGGLING SCHOOL BOYS KILL TWENTY THREE IN SCHOOL SHOOTING I listen briefly as the speaker tells of a group of boys called the Trench Coat Mafia senselessly gunned down there school pupils in an American school . Parents all over the world think to themselves of what kind of drugged out psychopaths these boys must have been . Then there swear a prayer thanking god that there are no drugs in there top class suburban schools , But just as wishful thinking sets in the radio Blurts out 16 year old Greenside high boy end his life after owing money to drug lords . This statement is followed by a Gauloises blondes smoking ad .

We live in a world of free thinking zombies ruled by world trends and the media . Our morals have long been washed away in to the sea with our past . What happen to the days when love was a feeling not a verb . The days when mothers knew exactly were the children were . When families went out on weekends to clean parks for picnics to eat sandwiches , swim and play games on the green lush grass till the children were so tied that they fell asleep on the ride home .Family time used to be a joy not a burden .

Today one out of ever three marriages will end up in divorc . Juvenile crime has increased by thirty percent since 1980 in America alone .The strong Moral mountains that were set by our forefathers are becoming more and mare eroded by us . Our lives are like R rated movies , surrounded by sex , strong language ,nudity and violence .

Done by

Jaysan Singh


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