Megadeth And Metallica A Comparison Essay Research

Megadeth And Metallica: A Comparison Essay, Research Paper

Megadeth and Metallica: A Comparison

An essay by: Nick Conley


Ah yes the age old question, comparing the 2 most influential bands in metal history (of course this is in past tense considering even Metallica has admitted to no longer being a metal band). I write this essay to help give an understanding to those pathetic drones whom remain chained to the oversized bandwagon that are known of as the Metallica “fans”. I am an experienced musician who has been playing for over 5 years. I have a background in guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. I knew that I wanted to be a serious musician from the day I started. I am NOT one of those posers, who purchased their $20 guitar in a garage sale, learned an all-power-chord Metallica song and said they are a “guitarist”. Hopefully this will help some of you non-musicians out there to realize Metallica’s total lack of talent, pathetic attempts at playing music, and being a band. Not to say that it takes a musician to be able to recognize the total superiority of Megadeth over such an unworthy opponent.

The Bands:


Metallica was formed when Dave Mustaine replied to an add in the paper looking for a guitarist. The band played bars and got gigs, just like any other starting band. They gained popularity quickly and were eventually signed. At this time Dave had a serious drug and alcohol problem. Constant fights between him and the other band members led to him drinking even more. Tension built between Dave and the rest of the band, and his stability began to be questioned. At this point the other band members were just waiting for a reason to kick him out. Then one day in New York while preparing to record their first album, they got it. Dave brought his 2 pitbulls along with him that day, and when he got into an argument with James, James kicked one of the dogs. Dave then punched James in the mouth, and flipped Cliff into a TV when he tried to stop him. Lars just screamed “Fuck man…. I didn’t want it to end like this”. The next morning Dave woke up with a hangover, just to find Kirk Hammett handing him a plane ticket.

Dave resented Metallica for a long time after this incident. He returned home before doing much on the album, and sadly his drug problem continued to grow. One day Dave woke up with the sound of a bass guitar ripping through his hung over head. He was so hung-over that he threw a potted-plant through his neighbor’s window to make him shut-up. This was the formation of the foundation of Megadeth. With this incident, Dave met David Ellefson, a bassist, and the band was formed. Dave stayed as the guitar player, until New Years Eve of 1983, He staggered up to the microphone and just started belting out the words to the song. From that day forth Dave has been the vocal powerhouse behind Megadeth.



James Hetfield – The frontman of Metallica who couldn’t accomplish in a million years what Dave has. I’m not really sure what makes this guy such a retched rhythm player, maybe the weight of his 10 ton hubcap belt buckles are holding him back. Not only does he put out the most pointless and cheesy lyrics, but he can’t even back them up with a decent guitar riff. He can almost pass for a decent metal singer, if only he had some sort of melody to sing to.

Kirk Hammett – The most pathetic attempt at a lead guitarist I’ve ever heard. I’ve heard alternative guitarists that are better than this guy. (Well I guess he is an alternative guitarist now). Not only does he whip out these slow, horribly configured solo’s, he can’t even write a good rhythm riff that requires an at least infant guitarist. The lack of chords (other than power chords) in this guy’s riffs is embarrassing, and is the main reason I can’t stand to play Metallica songs. I get bored playing the same riff over and over, and fall asleep with its simplicity. Just look at this guy, how much more of a poser can you be?

Lars Ulrich – Here’s a member of Metallica I can stand. Granted he’s nothing special, he’s as close as you can get to being a musician and still be in Metallica. Lars is about as good as any other drummers out there, Defiantly NOT any better than that.

Jason Newstead – All I can say about this guy is that it’s hard to fill Cliff Burton’s Shoes. But do it without the fag sunglasses.


Dave Mustaine – Can you say “Father of Thrash”. Dave is one of the greatest songwriters of all time, and his quality is consistent. Expect anything with Dave’s name on it to be great. With rhythm riffs that might as well be lead riffs, and the speed to back them up, Dave is one of the greatest guitarists in metal, second only to Marty Friedman (and possibly John Petrucci of Dream Theater). Vocally Dave has grown a lot from early Megadeth, and provides enough growl, and feeling to be an amazing singer. Although his voice is not liked by all, to me it’s “THE ONLY VOICE”. He’s amazingly on key and in time (thanks to his vocal lessons).

Marty Friedman – Lord god of all thrashers. This guy can rip out 600 notes in 4 bars. Mary began teaching guitar in his early teens. This guy is truly amazing, and has an unmistakable Japaneseish style. I would kill to see this guy show-off. I guess the closest I’ll get is Dragon’s Kiss. Make no mistake about it, this guy can play his balls off.

Nick Menza – Son of the great jazz Sax player Don Menza, Nick was taught by the best Jazz drummers in the world. With original beats, and unbelievable fills, this guy plays circles around any other drummer I’ve heard. Lars shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence at Nick.

David Ellefson – Just listen to peace sells? or any other Bass-riffed Megadeth song, and he should speak for himself. This guy has an unbelievable understanding of melody and how rhythm works, as well as the music business. Just read his book Making Music Your Business.

Megadeth has always put out the best quality of music humanly possible. No other band comes close to having such strong support in every aspect of their being. From guitar to drums, Megadeth has the best of the best. Even big players like Dream Theater, and Ozzy can’t compare to the sheer powerhouse that is Megadeth. Megadeth IS the worlds most state-of-the-art speed metal band. And if you want proof just go out and buy Rust in Peace. The fact that such low quality bands like Metallica can be compared to Megadeth makes we writhe. But hey, don’t change your mind because of me, go out, get the albums and listed to them back to back. It doesn’t take a genius to see. Just someone willing to put aside their childhood bandwagon dreams, and open their minds to the best music in the world.


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