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Outdated Chivalry Essay, Research Paper

Outdated Chivalry

Chivalry is based on a principal of bravery, pride, and gallantry toward women, and although chivalry was meant as a code for the righteous and good in the middle ages, it is outdated and will only lead to trouble in modern times.

Pride is one of the characteristics of chivalry. The knights are proud of their kingdoms. The knights are proud of their names. They re proud of everything, but pride is a terrible weakness in people. People in our times are proud enough as it is, if chivalry were to come back, imagine what kind of ego s they would have then. People would grow arrogant, and cocky and this world would just become a much worse place. Take Germany and Hitler for example; Hitler managed to raise the countries pride by saying that the they were the sole ancestors of Rome and needed to conquer the world. The pride that the people were so engulfed in eventually led to a catastrophic world war. This is one of the reasons why chivalry is not needed.

Another one of the characteristics of chivalry is bravery. Once upon a time a knight would rush in, have a quick sword fight, and save the damsel in distress from the evil villain, and that was it was brave. Today, if a I were to rush into a crime scene and try to save the person from a bad guy, chances are I would be shot. Times have changed and bravery can get you killed faster and easier since we no longer have those long and tedious sword fights. Instead you can get killed hundreds of yards away. Another reason why bravery is no longer needed is that we already have people who are paid to be brave and protect the innocent, and they re called police officers. So, basically bravery should only for those who are meant to be brave, and if some one isn t one of those people, they should be brave because it will only get them hurt.

Gallantry towards women is the third quality that comes along with chivalry, but women these days don t needed a knight-in-shining armor to come in and save them. Today, women are all independent and don t need a man for safety any more. Who needs a hero to come in and save you when you have a can of mace and a stun gun in your purse. Women have become more aware of how to protect themselves, and therefore no longer need a hero s help.

In conclusion, chivalry consists of bravery, pride, and gallantry toward women, and although they are all good qualities they are no longer useful. Bravery will get you hurt, pride will get you hurt, and gallantry towards women will only get you sprayed with mace, and that is why I think chivalry doesn t need to be brought to modern times.


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