Blade Runner Essay Research Paper The plot

Blade Runner Essay, Research Paper

The plot of the movie “Blade Runner” becomes unrevealed till the end of the movie. Many assumptions about the plot and the final of the movie appear in the spectator’s mind, but not one of these assumptions lasts long. Numerous deceptions in the plot grip the interest of the audience and contribute for the continuing interest to the movie eighteen years after its creation. The main character in the movie is Deckard- the Blade Runner. He is called for a special mission after his retirement, to “air up” four replicants who have shown flaws and have killed people. There are many arguments and deceptions in the plot that reveal the possibility Deckard to be a replicant. Roy is the other leading character of the movie. He appears to be the leader of the replicants- the strongest and the smartest. Roy kills his creator Tyrell. The effect of his actions fulfils the expectation of the spectator for a ruthless machine.

The main deception in the plot is also the main cause that holds the identity of the blade razor ?Deckard, unrevealed through the continuance of the movie. The first assumption that comes to the mind is that Deckard is not a replicant because he is the one that Bryant calls to hunt replicants. But there also appears the question what makes him the most proper to oppose the consummate replicants. The possibility Deckard to be a replicant makes him the worthiest person for the assignment. Deckard recommends Holden who is also a replicant assuming the words of Bryant -“He can bread okay as long as no one unplugs him”. In most of the chapters Deckard acts as a human being. He has feelings for Rachael, and later in the movie he is the one that shows her how to behave in action for which she is not programmed for. Because Rachael saves his life Deckard doesn’t accept her like a replicant, which he has to hunt. On the other side if Deckard was a replicant older production than Zhora, he shouldn’t be smarter than Zhora and to recognize her because of sexual context. The effect of deception in the plot about Deckard’s identity awakes the imagination of the spectators and keeps interest in the plot.

Another form of deception in the plot is Roy’s behavior at the final of the movie. Roy who killed Tyrell, Sebastian, and the man in the eye laboratory with unusual enjoyment, shows weakness and helps Deckard to survive. The effect of his actions in the movie makes us believe that he is an evil creature. But next another deception in the plot overturns our expectations how the final scene will end. Roy holds white dove in his hand, which is an international symbol of peace. Roy hunts Deckard in the final scene to kill him, but later he saves Deckard’s life, opposite of our expectations. It finally crushes our opinion that the replicants don’t have souls.

Another form of deception in the plot is the significance of the unicorn, which appears to be an important symbol in the plot. Deckard tells Rachael that her memories are noting more but Tyrell’s niece memories implanted in her brain. Deckard’s conversation with Rachel about her memories brings his dream about the unicorn. The deception related with unicorn effects our imagination and symbolic relation between Rachael and Deckard. The unicorn symbol also effects the possibility Deckard to be a replicant. Other replicant, Graff, knows Deckard’s dream about the Unicorn and he leaves an origami Unicorn as a sign of letting Deckard to escape with Rachael. As an effect of replicant’s nature to read each other’s thoughts Deckard smiles after he recogn

zes Graff’s sign as an allowance to feel free.

Small deception in the plot is the use of the race as a clue. The director of the movie uses race differentiation is to hint Deckard’s personality.

The effect is to recognize replicants easily among the common people. Deckard, Rachael and the four replicants are white people. All other people are Asian.

Every one of these deceptions in the plot and the causes derived from them contributes to the interest of the plot and the effect on the audience’s imagination and interpretation of the movie. Each of the deception has brought different interpretation of the movie and has kept the interest of the audience for more than eighteen years.


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